Whats your Problem Sir?!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by toma2793, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Honestly, Whats the worst youve had after backchatting to a Higher ranked soldier?
  2. I was knifed in my right lung as a LCpl after telling a Cpl he was a knob.
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  3. Malleted by my SSM behind the mess and 10 days extras from the Razzman. Why do you ask? Don't bother joining if you're already trying to figure out how to push boundaries, bellend.
  4. it was just a random question. no harm intended. therefore the comment you just made about me being a nob is irrelivent sir.
  5. Your screen name is annoying, your avatar is annoying, your threads are annoying, and if I could see your face I bet that would be annoying too.

    Oh FFS you are also from Bradford.
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  6. I was killed, but I got better*.

    *but only a little bit better.
  7. 14 days rops, although I am not sure if they were for the original offence or for calling the OC a hypercrit while on orders.
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  8. Your 'liking' of me telling you how annoying you are is annoying.
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  9. It needn't have happened at all, if you'd stayed in the panbash like you'd been told to.
  10. Then kindly remove yourself from this thread.
  11. One time I got blown out of the stovepipe of a puffing billy, and landed in the shitter-burn pit. I'll never mutter "cunt" again.
  12. Is that a soapy Indian province?
  13. you couldn't kindly remove yourself from the planet could you?
  14. Is that anything like getting a blowjob out of a wheezing army cadet?
  15. I once told a Lance Corporal of Horse at The Guards Depot that he was a gopping fat cunt. That night, he came and found me with three of his mates and they filled me in and bed ended me.

    It put me in a coma for 17 weeks and on my passing out photo I'm the one like Stephen Hawking in the buggy with the head dobber.
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