Whats Your Preference?

What attracts you to a bird?

  • Cerebral - Her mind and or personality, her intelligence

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  • Facial - She must be pretty, nothing else counts

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  • Mamarian - She must have big knockers, flat chesters can fcuk off.

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  • Posterior - She must look good from behind and have a cute bum.

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  • Frontal - She must look trim from the front and be slim.

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  • Podia - Must have long, long legs to die for.

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  • Displacement - Give me fat, fatter the better

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  • Plumage - Hair colour is important, no gwars

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  • Dressage - Sexy gear, short skirts, stockings a must.

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  • Morality - Must be a right dirty fcuker who will invite her fit mates to join in.

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  • Patchy - Must be a loud-mouther minger whose arrse looks enormous in Ron Hills

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What first makes you chase a certain woman? Choose the most important thing to you, that one thing above all others.

We could follow this up in a couple of days to see how it relates to the last person you shagged! :lol:


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Book Reviewer
Can I have an option for 'all of the above' please, or even 'any of the above', or how's about 'I really don't fcuking care, I'll fcuk Playdough, me'.
What's her current role, the hippo's mum?
Still would though.

Me I like them just like KB mk1.

Though in practice breathing is an optional extra.
Where's the "above all" option for the picky cnuts like me?


Wouldn't settle for anything less...
Unless it was up for a shag behind the bike sheds of course.

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