Whats your opinion on fat people and air travel?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smooth, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. Make fatties pay for another seat

  2. Give normal passengers more weight in their luggage

  3. Dart fatties and put them in the cargo hold

  4. Tax fatties

  5. Inquire as to the lack of pies and the person responsible

  6. All of the above

  7. I am a fat knacker and this offends me.

  1. would make great bombs!!! especially Bio ones with swine flu!!!

    coat, .......
  2. I wish people would stop picking on Big Bird like this she is an upstanding pillar of society and a true ARRSER. Thank fcuk they kicked her out of that plane the other week or it would of never landed though.
  3. Have an aircraft purely for fat knackers, make all flights long haul (even the short haul ones) and that way, when they land, they will have the pulmonary embolism in the another country, which not only kills them off, leaving food for the rest of us, but also removes the burden on our already overstretched medical services.
  4. Check 'em in with the other excess baggage.
  5. How about this, airlines say that the COMBINED weight of your luggage and your person should not exceed 16 stone anything over that you get charged at £100 a kilo. So a 10 stone lightweight can take half their house and a 20 stone lardarse pays through the nose
  6. They haven't kicked me out of it yet!! It'll be springtime (see linkies and cough up you miserly feckers) :D That being said, there is some discussion of black nastying me to a pallet and shoving me out of a Herc! Apparently the little 'para-plane' will struggle to leave the ground with my curvalicious self on board!
  7. Slightly off topic, but I feel it has a certain relevance.

    I recently went to see Michael McIntyre at Wembley, was particularly chuffed as I managed to get some really good seats. I had the delight of having a bird about 3 times the size of me sat next to me, she took up her seat and half of mine. She then had the cheek to turn round to me and say "These seats are a bit cosy", to say I held on to my temper was an understatement!

    My personal opinion is that unless you can prove you have a medical condition which somehow effects your metabolism, then you should have to pay extra. Why on earth should those that can handle their pie intake have to cough up.
  8. Apparently, 9% of you are fat knackers and are offended.
  9. Better reinforce the axles on the outrage bus, then.
  10. A few more like him aboard and those towers would have toppled like a Glaswegian at kicking out time and they'd still be clearing ground zero of whale meat.
  11. A few more like him on board and the terrorists would never have reached the cockpit, thus saving thousands of lives. Plus the chances of the plane actually leaving the ground would have been very slim. :)
  12. Virgin paid out compensation for someone who suffered nerve damage being squashed by a fatty.

    Designate a section of the plane specifically for them. 1st class, Club class, Cattle class, morbidly obese chod class. They get on last so everyone stares at them. If that does not humiliate them into thinking about going easy on the IV lard drips, not sure what will.
  13. Sadly, I am old enough (just) to remember when they weighed pax AND luggage at check-in!
  14. Maybe the airlines should take a leaf out of Rail India's book - if you can't hold on then under you go.....

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