What's your "kink"?

A thread today had me reminiscing about dirty deeds of yesteryear, BiscuitsAB mentioned his kink being stuffing an allotment up a girls foo foo, and PrinceAlberts love of watersports.
Now I'm a pretty adventurous type of chap, I,ve indulged and experimented in quite a lot of kinks some I've hated, I tried being caned once, within milliseconds of the 1st blow I knew it wasn't "my bag" (I threatend to headbutt her if she tried again!). Fisting, my hands are fucking massive and I "Tore" her!
Others I'm indifferent about lingere (pretty vanilla but it's classed as a kink) I appreciate the effort but I can take it or leave it. Threesome, it's hard enough trying to keep one girl happy without doubling the fucking workload!
And then there's those I really like, a girl doing wee wee on my cock is awesome, but it seems my absolute "thing" is getting messy with sticky foodstuffs no jar of nutella or peanut butter is safe when I've have wood it seems (crunchy of course) and we end up looking like an explosion in a Snickers factory.

So what's your "Kink"? Oh even though I'm Welsh no livestock has ever been used in my adventures!
Women who are indifferent in bed but give your life a good fucking. It must be my kink as I kept going for them time after time.
Eating pussy and ass especially when it invokes a moist and vigorous response from the maiden concerned. If only I could hear the applause. :)
I quite like pies.....oh, and maltesers. Not those Maltesers who swear for punctuation and leave you with a nasty rash, the chocolate ones.

Why of why has no one ever though to bake a malteser pie?
Im a fan of a good old rag dolling. Hammering them so hard it looks like their head's about to fall off! Usually results in bruised pelvis for both parties.
pregnant birds (2nd trimester preferably) and choking, although not together as that would be irresponsible, and in the past a bit of simulated rape.
edit. (Her in)...

Boots. FMBs. And hats. And glasses. And pony tails. And fur coats with nothing underneath. And any kind of cleavage. And posh accents. And foreign accents.

And off thread, the greatest aphrodisiac for me is bacon.

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