What's your ideal workplace?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Yokel, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. Well? Go on....but remember this thread is less than 100% serious.

    For me it would be a modern counterpart of this organisation:

    Remember the Hedgehog and Squid weapons, degaussing, and the Mulberry Harbour were key British inventions that wer key to survival and victory.

    I'd like to work in a modern counterpart, perhaps sliping as needed between being a Reservist and being a civvy employee. It would be a cross between a service establishment, a defence contractor for whom I once worked, other companies I spent time at or visited, a software house, and a University department. There I would employ my talents of such problems as dealing with the SDSR f*** up, contributing to the sucess of current projects, and working on nasty threats such as FIAC swarms. Just for fun - have a look at this. Or this.

    Sometimes we would do other work to assist hi tech industry, contributing to seeling things to Johnny Foreigner, or things to use against criminals.

    I would have a female boss, nice but a little dominant, and she would both provide the direction and structure that I need, and let me adoringly follow her about like a love sick puppy.....
  2. Your missus's bedroom.
  3. Here (and no it's not me unfortunately)


    ....but since it's the NAAFI, I'll also pick your mums bedroom.
  4. Where I am right now. Yeah!
  5. Are you in his missus's bedroom then?
  6. Greggs or the tasting dept of Cadbury's
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  7. in the fucking sack.
  8. The Ministry of beer and wanking. Boxed
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  9. Up to the hilt in your sister.
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  10. Nah, somewhere much better. Laos. The wimmin are stunning and they are very curious about having it off with a Falang (big nose = foreigner).
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  11. (big nose = foreigner).[/QUOTE]

    champion.wheres me fucking passport.
  12. Ideal working place is home, where I don't have to do any fucking work because I'm independently wealthy...

    and I'll also chime in with your mum's bedroom with your sister & missus. (I'm greedy that way)

    100% serious answer, I'd give anything to be working in Amsterdam right now so I can actually get to see my own missus on occasion.
  13. Your missus works in Amsterdam ....................?
  14. Jinchang. It's a minor provincial city in Gansu Province and therefore lacks the gleam of Shanghai or Shenzhen but it also lacks the crowds and bustle. Winters can be hard and summers hot and dusty, but the folks are decent, friendly types and, yes, I admit I enjoy the minor celebrity status of being 'their laowai' and the waltzing bear who can speak Mandarin.
  15. That's an inherent contradiction, is it not?

    Oh go on then - Concierge at the gates of Hell.

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