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What's your favourite 'modern' animated cartoon ?


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Well, if no-one else is going to mention them, I will.

Battle Angel: Alita, and Spirited Away.

Yeah there seems to be a certain uneasiness about using the dreaded words ' manga ' or ' Anime '

I had occasion to google both a few years back,,,,and to my surprise its not all Japanese porn.
( for those who need it, that's a sub-genre called 'Hentai' - which, it transpires is simply the Japanese word for 'pervert' )

Not sure if the vivid Cameron blockbuster captured the drawn version - but I loved it.




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I found the cartoon Catdog very disturbing, not the cartoon, but that someone could actually have thought it a good idea for a cartoon
alsodisturbing that my 17 year old son and his stoner mates found it funny

then again , they did often watch Happy Tree Friends, which made me also feel uncomfortable

I now have some power over him though , hreatening to show his kids what he watched in his adolescent years
Starting tomorrow (Saturday 6th Feb)!
A rerun of The Real Ghostbusters:


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