Whats your favorite choccy bar?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SuperTrooper, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. Its Sunday, I am bored as usual and so my mind drifted off to the thoughts of eating something. I haven't had a nice chocolate bar for a long time and so I though about popping out to the local garage and getting a nice choccy bar. Oh what to have I thought! I then thought about the best chocolate bar I've ever had. There was those nice dark Jamican rum bars which I recalled from the 70's. I think they were called Old Jamican, with a picture of a pirate on the wrapper. This was my first introduction to the addiction of booze. Cadburys caramel must be up in the top ten together with the old Cadburys fruit and nut. Ah I remember now, its all coming back to me, Curly Wurly bars. They seemed a lot bigger when I was a nipper or was it because I was a bit smaller? I remember the different ways I ate mine. My favourite way was to nibble all the chocolate of the toffee and then poke the whole bar in my mouth and chew slowly whilst the toffee melted. I must have looked like a hampster who had just rimmed a large fat bird. Oh the memories! My brother was always trying to pinch my Curly Wurlys so I'd come up with ingenious ways to camoflage them. The best way was to fold it into the size of a pack of fags and hide them inside my shoes and other unlikely places. That barstewart will never find them I thought! Do you know the cnut always found where I hid them and was on his toes with my bestest choccy bar. The fcuker must have had a nose like a bloodhound. His skills at sniffing out hidden treasure came into his own when he became a notorious burglar around Belfast. The barstewart! If anyone ever meets him, tell the cnut he owes me a childhood's supply of Curly Wurlys. So here is my top ten list of favourite teeth rotting fun:

    10. Cadburys cream eggs (How many could you get in yer gob at once?)
    9. Double Deckers (Named after a group of fat kids whoi played in a London bus)
    8. Frys Chocolate Cream (The birds love em)
    7. Galaxy bar
    6. Mint Aero bars (Slurp!)
    5. Cadburys Caramel (I'd sh@g that bunny as well)
    4. Toffo sweets (The one with the different flavours rather that the standard)
    3. Cadburys Fruit and Nut (Everyone's a fruit and nutcase 8O Obviously written by a gay composer)
    2. Kit Kat (Nickname for that Naffi bird you met at the bop the night before!)
    1. Curly Wurly (The king of confectionary)
  2. I have always been in the "Marianne Faithfull" camp with my choice which since school which has always been a Mars bar.
  3. I have to confess to being a Cadbury's Bornville fan myself, plus not many other people like dark chocolate (thus more for me).
  4. Its all about the mighty 10p Chomp cheap and yet so quality.
  5. J_D

    J_D LE

    Can't eat chocolate! But those 10p a pack candy sticks with the spiderman tattoo are lush!
  6. Topic bar, every time....
  7. Dime bars!!
  8. i,m with greengrass on this one, and right now son no 2 is being dispatched to corner shop
  9. I hate chocolate, it is for women! :twisted:
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    After 10 years of the old tinned and Artic compo it has to be anything apart from ROLOs, even mars bars are a turn off. In COP felching inside my pack with NV fingers for a mars would sometimes get me someones clingfilmed nutty bar! Not nice. The Rolo's yes you can have my first as well as my last and everyone in between used to leach sugar and the foil would stick to the frozen ones kicking off against my fillings. I'm sure I could get the world service out of my molars after compo ROLOs. Sorry but I'm scarred for life and considering suing for PTSD: Post Traumatic Sweety Disorder.
  11. How about this web site, its got some great sweets from the past. I'd almost forgot the old Texan bars. These were like chewing one of those rubber bricks we used to have in our school swimming baths. I remember biting into the sticky mess one day and on doing so one my front teeth came out with it. Feck! I thought I am looking more like Shane McGowan every day! This was when I turned my back on Texan bars for life. A last request Gringo? Yes stop selling those fecking teeth removing goo bars, they'll put dentists out of business!!!


    Edited for being a spelling mong
  12. Call me old-fashioned, but when the going gets tough I don't think you can beat a cup of tea and a Twix.

  13. A man should never put anything into his mouth that is longer than its width or girth. :twisted:
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Lost one of mine at Junior school in 1970 to a tunnocks caramel wafer, still love em though. Those, whisky and Aberdeen angus beef the best scotland has ever produced!