Whats your experience? - Do you rent, buy or use SFA?

Hi Everyone

I'm new here and to be completely up front am looking for feedback/opinions for some market research I'm doing for a business plan.

I'm interested to know what's more popular amongst service personnel - do the majority of you prefer to rent property, apply for SFA (if applicable) or actually buy a property near base and then rent it out or sell when you receive a new posting?

What are the major issues/obstacles you face when moving posting? Is there anything or any service that could make your move easier (other than a large lump sum of cash!! :D )

If posted overseas and have a posting back to the UK pending how hard is it for you to secure private rented accomodation or buy back in the UK whilst you are still abroad?

All feedback will be really appreciated plus your input will be used in order to develop a service that stands to benefit all armed forces personnel.

Please feel free to post your replies here or PM me.

Thanks everyone

Mark Stanley.
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