Whats your choices?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dammj, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. Hi every one whats your three choices that you are hoping to apply for or already have done so?
    my choices are:
    1. CS Operator.
    2. CS Engineer.
    3. Geographic Tech.

    Thinking about changing the last one to infantry though :?
  2. 1. Op Assistant RA
    2. Armourer REME
    3. Ammo Tech RLC
  3. my recruiting officer was trying to get me to do ammunition tech RLC if i had a fourth choice it would be that.
    also he wants me to get into admin. when i clearly said i do not want to be working behind a desk !
  4. Mines WAS
    1. Infantry, royal regiment of scotland
    2. Royal armoured corps, royal scots dragoon guards
    3. Royal artillery, light gun
  5. good luck with phase 1 lgnd-bev. whats your start date?
  6. For next year when out of the TA:
    Infantry - The Parachute Regiment (Looking for a Challenge)
    Infantry- The Grenadier Guards (Looks very appealing, was going to be the Irish Guards though)
    CS Op - Royal Corps of Signals (216 Sqn) (Origional TA Trade and rather liked it)
  7. Great your in the signals at the momment can you tell me what sort of operations have you been on?
  8. still waiting mate, got a call of my recruiter last week explaining that its goin to be sometime will i get to catterick, but he offerd me a place in the TA for the mean time untill i get to training (for regulars) :)
  9. i think mines is going to be

    1. Royal Regiment of Scotland
    2. Scots Guards
    3. Scots Dragoon Guards
  10. None yet fella, just completed a transfer to 3 R ANGLIAN and the Signals Brigade was a UK Ops cantered unit, meaning we focused our training on UK Scenarios. However the Trade training was great (even though it was two weeks and for TA) it was engaging both the practical and theory.

    You picked a great trade though, just remember to give the EDs a bit of stick :D (or is ED now a purely TA Trade in the Corps? :? )
  11. Aww i feel stupid whats "ED"
  12. 1. The rifles in infantry
    2. The royal anglians in infantry
    3. Princess wales royal regiment in infantry
  13. Electrician Driver

    and if this is a Wah..... :x
  14. thought that was two separate jobs in regular
  15. 1: Royal Welsh (Infantry) 1st Battalion (Light role)
    2. RAC Tank Crewman (MBT)
    3. Not given...