Whats Your Charity?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Murielson, Dec 1, 2004.

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  1. So many asking for your cash today that it is difficult to choose the charity to support.

    Obviously do various military charities but my main one is Marie Curie. The care they provided for my family as my mum passed away with cancer in their hospice in Liverpool put the NHS to shame.

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Who do you give to and why?
  2. NCF (childrens one)
    Cancer Research (my sister had a bf who died of a brain tumour, so...)
    Amnesty (just 'cos)
    MIND (b/c mental health is an unsexy but worthy cause)
    Baby Milk Action (Nestle p*sses me off with what they do!)

    Only little amounts each month on DD, and the first four were all sign-ups on the street. But I walked up and offered with Amnesty and MIND, rather than being approached.

    I am such a sucker.
  3. I've got direct-debits set up with Shelter and Cancer Research.
  4. RTFQ


    BLESMA because when a squaddie dies it's sad but remembered, when he survives but looses substantial bits of himself in the process, it's forgotten -and THATS a travesty.

    MIND because there but for the grace of god go us all...
  5. NDCS (National Deaf Children Society)is my prefered charity

    if see other worthy causes i would drop my change etc in the tin.

  6. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    St Dunstan's - apart from anything else they let some blind ex gunner do over 164mph on a Ninja...... Now that is what i call a charity!!! Well worth a monthly donation.
  7. BLESMA cos I spent 15 minutes talking to a boot neck in the Royal Vic Belfast in 1973 and didn't realise the poor ba*stard had lost both legs.

    I'd gone to do the PR picture of one of our own who got shot 10 days into the tour and ended up talking to this bloke, it was only when I went to say goodbye I saw his legs were missing.

    I still feel a stupid cnut 31 years on for not realising!
  8. Little one always gets silver/copper to give to tin rattlers so give to most.
  9. The Not Forgotten Association - they sort out TV sets and licences for ex-servicemen who need them, and organise day trips for those who would otherwise not get out, including a garden party with HMQ. It's not just for the old guys either - they have helped with quite a few who were wounded on TELIC. I have asked for their help with patients a few times and they have always been superb.

    RAF Benevolent Fund

    Combat Stress
  10. Some good tips in here for end of financial year when you are looking for ideas for mess etc charity payments. Make sure you let the presiding members and treasurers know.
  11. NSPCC - Fcuking hate the way some people treat their children.

    Discipline is one thing but some kids are treated so disgracefully its sickening.
  12. Thanks, I support them too for the same reason. Poppy Appeal, a local terminally ill childrens hospice in Luton : A story; As the building was nearing completion, totally funded by donations, some group on profound cnuts smashed ALL the windows (£200,000 worth) so we had to find the funds yet again.


    But never 'Save the children' - there is no gurantee that the money stays in this country, if it were then yes but personally it should be called Stop the children as the only scene you get when a disaster strikes is the desperate children.
  13. 1. United Cerebal Palsy Foundation

    2. The Corporal Retirement Fund
  14. St Dunstan's.