Whats your British Army heritage?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. I'll start with me and my own: my greatgranda did a fair few numbers in India, Affers and South Africa. My granda volunteered for Were Wore Won with his brothers and went on to fight the Irish Civil War and the War of Independence (I proudly wear his Black and Tan medal to this day)

    My Da with his brothers opted into the Seckan Were Wore from the get-go and served from 1939 until 1949. I served a few years myself and our oldest currant-bun (a Scaley, to my everlasting shame) chopped in four Telics and two Herricks.

    I'm often reminded of the fact that I'm a Mick and as such have no, or only a hardly credible attachment to, the "Briddsh Armee". I'd like to be to differ. We, our family, cover five direct generations who've served in the British Army, and I'm sure there are other families who can easily top that. So why do we Micks come in for more or less as a by-note on ARRSE and the history of the British Army, while Taffs and Jocks can let loose with their glorious pastesses (or whatever the plural of "past" is)?

  2. My Grandfather was RA attatched to the Green Howards in 45. Thats about all i know about.
  3. Scotish/Welsh background 9 hundred years of killing the English, 260 years fighting for them
  4. Dad Irish Guards in WW2 then Engineers as a career, Grandad Liverpool Scots Regt in WW1, and me? Airborne till too old then RLC TA

  5. Because you're newcomers to the union? And because you've only ever tried to invade the mainland by stealth?

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  6. Father RAPC, then AGC. Grandfather KOSB in Korea, Great-Grandfather (MM) RE in the Great War, his brothers were Royal Sussex regt. Had a great-uncle in the Navy and a distant relative in the Panzer Grenadiers, WWII vintage.
  7. Great times 4 Grand Father was a Sergeant Marine aboard a ship out of Chatham in the 1690's

    Great great grand father (in law), was a Brigadier General, who did the naughty thing in India (Amritsar temple)

    Grand father on my mothers side, was an RSM in the Royal Scots.

    Grand Father on my Fathers side, was an RSM in the Lincolnshire rifles, or lincolnshire royals, some such crappy old name, royal anglian regts i think they became?

    Father Sergeant RM Commando, 1942 from as above, as a volunteer for the newly formed Commando unit

    Niece is a L/cpl in the REME

    Nephew was a Sapper in the RE

    And im a Cnut. or a cock according to the vote? how one man gets 200 votes to win me the accolade is beyond me, but hey ho.
  8. My great great grandfather was probably a char wallah in his day

    My grandfather was RAMC posted in Berlin after the war

    Uncle was a Colour Sgt in the Royal Marines

    Cousin was in the TA for 2 years and now has only 3 weeks left in his Royal Marine Commando training

    I was a Sea Cadet for 5 years (un-bummed), and now Im TA Infantry (first maximum bounty this year, whoopee)
  9. Great-Grandad - Royal Munster Fusilliers in WWI. Grandad Number One - regular in India pre-WWII, Korea after it. Grandad Number Two - Ox & Bucks Light Infantry in WWII. Dad - RE from 1968 to 1994 (NI etc). Me - RE in 90s/00s (Bosnia and Iraq).

    Edited to add: One Granny was a bleep in the WRAF, the other was an EFI wench!
  10. You've clearly never been to a Scotland - Ireland international at Murrayfield, then ...

    Oh, Sappers all the way back. Dad missed out, really duff eyesight (and Grand-dad did France, Burma and Japan so would not have been impressed anyway).

    Scaley, now, myself. Eldest isn't anything yet (well, ATC AI but that hardly counts.)
  11. One grandfather in Combined Operations in WW2. One great-grandfather in the Royal Flying Corps, 1914-18

    Apart from that, nothing. Nobody. Not one single British Army officer, soldier or skivvy.

    (But then, both my parents are immigrants, so perhaps that's not such bad going!)
  12. After reading the works of Col. Richard Holmes I'll have to say that Paddy is probably one of the great unsung hero of the British Army. The Duke himself was a landed Irishman (though if you said that to his face he probably have taken his riding crop to yours). It is reckoned that they comprised around a third of his army... wait a minute, what the feck has this got to do with the thread question? 8O
  13. What happens north of the border...

    ...stays north of the border.
  14. "Just because one is born in a stable, that does not make one a horse!" :twisted:
  15. Deleted...

    Having merged a double-posted thread doesn't make it funny anymore.