Whats your best blag for a freebie on tour?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gren, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Apart from the obvious free thrap mags and other porn related items, who have you written to with a begging/bull-shite letter to get yourself some freebies whilst on tour?

    Mine include,

    A box of 50 tins of boot polish from Kiwi, after complaining that the wingnut opener kept breaking, and thus left us with dirty boots, they were very apologetic.

    Six boxes of Mars bars and marathons (snickers) because we couldnt buy them where we were and missed them so much.

    Four packs of Fosters ice (it was "in" at the time) along with some T-shirts to match and a few assorted momentos.

    And six bottles of JD, along with JD glasses to drink it out of, so even the yanks can be generous.

    So what have you blagged?
  2. Dunno about phone calls - but I'm suspecting a certain eod bloke that frequents this forum got dressed up as Heather Mills, spent 4 years getting bimmed by Sir Paulie and is now 24 millyun quid richer. :D :D
  3. 6 bottles of bushmills after letting them know it was unavailable in the falklands 87ish
    head still hasnt recovered
  4. A £15K speedboat off Sir Donald Gosling for use by my unit whilst in DJ Barracks in Split.

    Blackcat that you bastards!

    (Unfortunately, I myself did not write that begging letter but it is fcuking impressive!)
  5. I remember the duty free goods being taken from Basra international because the locals might have looted it and was guarded by the British army.
    Lets just say I never knew that challenger tank each came fitted with 4 TVs and/or stereos and the EFI was wondering who was selling 200 fags for $3.
    Me personally? Well Johnny Walker blue label is very expensive in the UK especially if you got 8 bottles.
  6. The PX on North Camp, Fort Lewis has a big walk-in fridge for chilling cases of beer - they're stacked up in great piles up against the walls, you walk in load up your barrow and pay on the way out. I went in to grab a slab for a day off while on PRT there and came across a group of highly pished Highlanders in softie jackets getting ripped right into a sesh. Caber Feidh, lads.
  7. Black-catted mate!

    You got the seaboat...we got the feckin Leander yacht for a party and the boat you borrowed picked us up from St Raphael to join it :D

    Was he an ex stoker or something?