Whats you favourite Clash song

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smoojalooge, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. I was going threw all the clash album i own and i can't chose my favourite track so are thought i'd seek the opinion of the naafi bar all yours guys
  2. Rock the Casbah or Bank Robber
  3. The Clash. Now your talking quality music!

    In answer to your question:

    White Man in Hammersmith Palais.

    Either that or London Calling.
  4. I'm with smookjhsjfhdfkjhdjy, they are all great and as such my list would be looooooong
  5. "Bank Robber" is a great one to bellow when you're drunk. "Straight to Hell" for introspective moments.
  6. Rock the Casbah without doubt
    although would it have been as good/long lived if it had been called 'Rock the Task Force' as the guys nearly renamed/rewrote it!?
  7. I alwys thought that they were totally overrated and about as punk as a Berkshire summer fete.
  8. Difficult one - "Something about England" from "Sandinista" for me.
  9. Clash city rockers
    White Riot
    Train in vain
    this is radio clash

    Ah feck its typical but i love i fought the law
  10. lets not forget rudi can't fail and julies in the drug squad now
  11. Overrated, not punk please elaborate before i shoot that theory down! :twisted:
  12. Rock the Casbah and 1977.
  13. you see unlike you bull i'm not a music nazi the man is entitled to his opinions no matter how wrong and ill informed they are.

    I just to show there is only love in here and no bad feeling in the room i'm going to buy issimondias a mcfly cd so he can listen to some of his real punk music.

    edit because i type like a blind arthritic chimp
  14. Career Opportunities - odd choice but true

    Safe European Home - when in Africa

    Supermarket - for more depressing moments

    Stay Free - for when I used to play at being a scrote from the Westway instead of a Surrey type boning a lass from White City estate and pretending to be a local. What a tw@

    White Man in H. Palais is the best though - has to be one of the best Laaahdun songs ever. Mate.

    Sandinista reel brought me round to how bad they could be though, and when Strummed went to the great public school in the sky, I drank meself homesick-silly in Cape Town. Bless 'im.
  15. Rock the Casbah or Should I Stay or Should I Go.