Whats wrong with this picture?



I'm going to guess it might be a picture of a senior officer wearing a UBACs shirt? If so it's already being discussed elsewhere, if not I can't be arsed to walk to work to log into dii and my IGS account to check.
I too can't be arrsed to check properly, so I'll guess that it's a baby badger looking at a shaving brush and captioned "Mummy?".

Do I win the prize?


The Guards CO appears to have concealed a small, curly haired blonde child down the front of his shirt as well. I never knew the Houshold Division were into that. Well I never.
charleyb said:

Not that I'm too picky about dress, but really.........................
Well that was unexpected. What's the Guards officer wearing? Crocs?

FFS must be a slow day two threads on the same subject of an improperly/properly dressed senior officer.

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