Whats wrong with the Yanks?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Winstanley, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. What's wrong with the Yanks? Those who have served alongside them know they are not quite right in the head. Some of them are downright scary.

    But you don't need to be a soldier to realise this. Have you been to the States? All those aggressive, rude security people at JFK who treat you like dirt, just cos you're an 'alien'.

    Also, the Yanks enjoy killing people - not just Iraqis and Somalis - but also their own. They like gassing prisoners, electrocuting prisoners, and also injecting them with lethal substances. To really rub it in, they keep them on death row for ten years or so to make them sweat.

    When the Yankie police arrest people, even placid people for relatively minor offences, they shackle them and march them through the streets. Sadistic or what? They also like dressing up their prisoners in bright orange clothes (so everybody can see them) and put them to work on chain gangs.

    What has really got my goat is the treatment of that Brit professor for crossing the road at the wrong place. He was violently attacked by 5 Georgia cops and treated as though he was the Boston strangler.

    Moral of the story - stay away from the Yanks. They are psychos!

    PS - if Tony Bliar has followed this advice, we would all better for it, and a hundred or so dead British soldiers would be alive today.
  2. So you don't like Americans?
  3. great country....the same measures should be brought in in the uk...
  4. Sod off troll. Someone move this mong to the ARRSE Hole so he can mlaaar in private and not bother other people would they?
  5. All the Americans I have met and worked with are all pretty nice guys.

    And whats wrong with putting prisoners in chain gangs???? Good enough punishment if you ask me.
  6. And that's just our pornography...
  7. I havent really had to much to do with Americans, ive never been and never worked along side any however the ones I have met... 10 at most have all been nice enough people all be it childish and attention seeking.

    Where I think they fall down as a people is on mass.... they are a trigger happy bunch who have in my opinion been brainwashed with that pledge thing they do at schools to believe that they as americans are far superior in every way to anyone else. In a nut shell I think there is alot wrong with them and if I was in Bliar's shoes id do as much as possible to distance our country from them politically!
  8. and an even greater reason to live in america...guns.. everybody should have the right to own guns....and be allowed to shoot scrotes who try breaking in to your house..
  9. And then there's y'alls pornography...
  10. all generalisations are false ...

    erm ...

    big place, loads of people - impossible to judge

    although distant memories of cases of Bud lashed onto the back of M60's driven by pissed up drivers make it tempting
  11. Why do they bother using a steralised Hypo for a lethal injection to a murderer?
  12. It's much more cruel that way. Really points up the fact that this isn't just an influenza vaccine. It's a nice touch. I rather like it.
  13. if i could make the wife move id -live in arnie land,californias great..
    texas is good too but too hot...and the people love their country, a trait lacking with the forign population in the uk at the moment.a reason i live in europe...
  14. But we love you, Winstanley.
  15. Having lived in the United States, for 10 years, I have found them to be all sorts.
    As a Nation are insular in outlook and experience, mind you it is a big enough place that it is not all seen in a week end. They also have differing social and cultural norms (they are NOT Brit's with a "funny" accent). Hence they will top murderers.
    As to treating people like "aliens", well that is part of a "well developed national self opinion" of their nationality. Of course no Englishman has ever been accused of THAT fault!

    If there is a "fault" with Americans, it could PERHAPS be said to be in relation to their definition of "personal space". It is my experience that the idea that being "too noisy" and that this might be a "nuisance" to those around you, is less ingrained with Americans.

    That aside, I find them polite on a casual basis (but that is a Culural thing), as well as to be almost without exception complimentary of Brit's. So perhaps THAT is something certain parties could try to work on, in their case?