Whats wrong with the Brits?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Devil_Dog, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. In the spirit of fairness, and considering how much Yank bashing has been prevalent on this site in the last few days, what's wrong with our bad English speaking cousins?

    I for one know you never stop whining and secondly, you take yourselves too seriously. Stiff upper lip? Just stiff is my definition of you all.
  2. Poke it Cletus.
  3. You'd whine too mate if you had to take your shoes off everytime you went through one of our airports.
  4. And not only that, Jack. If it's squaddies shedding their daisies, it'll make him want to crawl around on the deck with a wet dish-cloth around his grid.

  5. Whats wrong with the Brits ? P1ssed off having to do the septics dirty work.
  6. Better than whining at 30,000 feet in the air when a strange ticking noise is heard coming from Abdula's shoes.
  7. Where's your sense of adventure? Just travel on Arab airlines, they don't blow their own planes up.
  8. Cheaper to blow up ours, I guess.
  9. And easier.
  10. It won't be if you stop whining.
  11. Whine? the Blimeys? Well... sometimes, especially when they run out of alcohol. Geez, DD, if you really want to see byatchers in action, Try the Krauts. They have perfected that in their usual Teutonic manner.

    I have met more than a few Brits, and except for the one who tried to grab my old ladies arrse in a pub we were at, they are some of the finest folks you would ever have the honor to associate with. One of my current professors is a young London guy who got his Bachelors in the UK, his Masters in Paris, and his PhD from the University of Iowa. Really a straight up bloke.

    I do tend to feel some pity for them, but mainly due to their current Govt. and what appears to me the many rules and restrictions imposed on their citizens. Reading the posts on the various treads sometimes makes me think that a Brit would have to fill out a dozen forms and wait for six months before they can let a proper fart.
  12. When you pr1cks make crap comments, I feel strangely drawn to Mecca.
  13. We learnt from the best. Crap commentators,that is.
  14. Fuc* me its dog face in drag!!!
  15. I am not Dogface, and even if I was, I would still look better than Miss England, would I not?