Whats wrong with my wife....

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by methilman, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. No extract the kids and deploy anyway

  2. Yes requires extra discipline and field skills

  3. Not sure as I am not familiar with your terminology

  1. Advice needed readers.....

    Summer leave is upon us once again and its time to take the family away on the annual jaunt around the european countryside, this year I have dug out blind and gone the "extra mile" to make this years camping trip special. Only one problem..the Wife, she thinks the following is NOT acceptable:

    1. I obtained some ORP (from a friend of a friend!!) to save on the food bill, to add that extra romantic feel to the evening meal (I am prepared to do a cooking in the field lesson prior to the holiday!)

    2. A roving sentry is essential to stop "gypsies" having it down the kermit with my gear, will compromise and give her the early stags and will forego the need for a password!

    3. Torches, BBQs and all forms of light will assist in the concealment of our area, therefore all forms of light is best to be extinguished before dark, I will compromise and allow red light where absolutely necessary.

    She can't understand that kids love that Army feel to camping and a bit of routine here and there can't be wrong.

    Advice will be appreciated on how to "bring her round" to my way of thinking, by the way the first pack departs 04 Aug 07 0600Z.
  2. Are you bringing them back at weekends to avoid paying LSSA? - she could be hacked off with that?
  3. Unless she produces a sick chit excusing her from Field Exercises she will be deploying, we will therefore NOT be separated and the LSSA will fall by the wayside DS!
  4. She's probably hacked off that you are not taking her to Brands Hatch for the WSB that weekend.

    Get her to bumper the ceiling for a bit followed by kneeling gun drill until she understands how lucky she is to have you.
  5. Surely as you are both away you are both entitled to LSSA or does domestic LSSA consist of telcon to horticultural supply depot?
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    here's a suggestion. Since she sounds so ungrateful and disinterested, I suggest you send her to my Re-education Centre. This is where ungrateful or spoiled women can be re-educated to appreciate the good things in life.
    The fees are very small, and she need pack very few clothes.
    The centre is located in the 'Motel Rumpy-Pumpy' which is located in Shag Alley.
    She is ok with mirrors on ceilings I assume?
  7. Got it...she obviously thinks that your 12x12 and cam is good enough that sentry's are not necessary. If she thinks she is right, get her out next weekend for a full demo, then you can asses if she is right or not
  8. As long as they have hessian covering them to stop your location catching the sunshine OFH !!
  9. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Absolutely! In fact, hessian features quite a lot, along with scrim, black nasty and baby oil.
  10. Okay OFH, will get your locstat if the wife biffs out !!
  11. I think your missus is being way unreasonable dude.
    Scheme is scheme, and she should look forward to getting away from the block for a while. Tried a 'chat' without coffee yet?
  12. Not yet Snake, will wait and see what she recons to the readers vote at the top of this forum, then I may have to resort to a few extras to try and soften her resolve before wheeling her in for a chat, watch this space!
  13. LOL! No way in heck will I be able to convince my wife again to partake in any venture which modern plumbing is not accessable. When we were still dating she agreed to a hiking/camping excursion which I thought we were properly prepared for... even had an air matress! She was not amused...
  14. What is wrong with your wife?

    Two X chromosones, that's what.
  15. Adapt your explanations to encompass the desires of the fairer (or sometimes unfairer) sex. Explain the buddy system and maggot sharing and also how utilizing less expensive resources gives her a larger disposable income to spend on shoes. Failing that, Make it an order!!!!