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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lt.Spiers, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. All leave applications at 22 Signal Regiment are now to be done on paper, and processed throught the relevant departments to the Sqn Clerks as the JPA system is "broken"

    Allegedly, JPA does not work, as peeps leave passes are getting sent all over the shop and automatically getting approved (or even worse - not actioned at all).

    Guess the clerks are gonna be busy for a while yet!
  2. Not happening at this unit.

    If leave passes are going all over the place then the UEA should be able to sort it. Leave passes are only automatically approved if the individual is Sgt or above although this facility can be withdrawn from any individual.

  3. Sorry, when I say automatically, I mean that the approving officer is (probably) saying "Cfn Wilkinson... Hmmm not one of mine, never mind will approve his leave anyway, don't wan't the old chap to be stiffed with Easter Guard"

    Or the opposite of "Cfn Wilkinson - not one of mine I a m not approving HIS leave pass"

    Thought that it would be a Unit HR Admin thing to sort out myself but hey what do I know, If I was clever enough to figure that out I would have a real job in the real world!
  4. LS two points:

    Shame on the Approving Officer - they haven't noticed the reject button?

    UEA can sort out via Hierarchies although this tends to be a cleric that gets stiffed sorry fills that role!