Whats wrong with hotmail?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bits, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know why I can't get on hotmail today?

    I can ping www.hotmail.com, but can't get to it using IE. I suspect a redirect to www.hotmail.co.uk domain, but I can't ping that, and it hasn't been working all day.

    Anyone else struggling to get on?
  2. Yep , no e-mails for me on (secure comms) Hotmail .
  3. My work e-mail is down, so I contacted alot of people and told them to use my hotmail, now that bugger is fcuked. No e-mail no work, and fcuk using the fax, that is soooo 90's :lol:
  4. Hotmail has been fine for me all day...
  5. hotmail not working for me today either...

    Hotmail is a piece of shit anyway - I use gmail now... virtually infinite storage, faster access, cleverer anti-spam, ingenius folder organisation...

    pm if you want an invite...

  6. Opened ok, but going slow as anything. It's taken 10 minutes (up to now) to sign out
  7. Just as I am about to give up trying, I've just got in.
  8. Anyone want an invite to Gmail just PM me, its the b llocks as Tricam has already said, you can tranfer all your addresses in a simple process and you can use the address for MSN messenger. I was skeptical but I can't find one thing wrong with it.

  9. Ditto from me anyone wanting to use Gmail PM......

    It can hold 6759+ emails before bouncing mails, tried and tested not by choice, LOL!!! Absolutely fantastic give it ago!!!
  10. I would agree that gmail is the dogs bollox.......
    If you need web based email. I personally prefer Outlook though.

    Oh & don't forget you can have a FREE boycott-the-sun email address (now with webmail).


  11. no problems for me
  12. It's fine for me today but last wee I couldn't get into my emails

  13. Excuse me being thick - what is gmail?
  14. Its google's own free email service.

    It gives you an inbox size of 1Gb as opposed to Hotmail's tiddly little inbox!