Whats wrong with Britains police chiefs?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViolentBadger, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. What's wrong with Britain's police chiefs?

    A crisis of integrity has gripped the higher ranks of our police.

    Sleaze, incompetence and greed now seem to be spreading like a contagion.

    Among too many police chiefs, there is a sense of entitlement - an indifference to the civic ethics of sacrifice and restraint with too many forces becoming crippled by ineptitude or political correctness......

    It makes an interesting read, if those at the top are so bad it's no surprise that the general public see the police and policing as a joke.

  2. We, the people in our village tried to get our police chief charged with negligence of duty, and failure to supervise. Cos his blokes on the ground would rather sit on their arrses, than do anything controversial like, police the streets. Apparently chief constables are immune we did get a new beat copper for 6 months.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    There are all driven to be, de facto politicians, rather than police officers.

    It is a reflection of the insidious way of Labour and the constant requirement to spin.

    These punters are continually immersed in that culture and have come to embrace it as the way to climb the ladder. Those with integrity can but climb only so far...
  4. also they cant keep the needle below 70mph?
  5. What's wrong with them? They are now politicians, appointed because they espouse the 'correct' political ideology (whether they actually believe it or nor). Whether they can do the job is almost irrelevant.

    For example: One of the smaller forces (I think it was Nottingham) recently failed its inspection. The Chief Constable was criticised for being out of his depth. A lower ranking officer from a large, metropolitan force was brought in to 'assist' him.

    What would you do in a situation like that?

    a) Resign?
    b) Knuckle down and try to do better?
    c) Issue all your uniformed officers with green ribons to be worn in order to show solidarity with the muslim community in the wake of the 7/7 bombings and publicly demonstrate your force's commitment to anti-racism?

    Answer: C
    Result: Job saved and loads of brownie points scored with Home Sec.
    Local citizens: Being gunned down in the street as drug and gun crime spirals out of control.
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Without wishing to sound more paranoid than I usually do, this is an inevitable outcome of the long-term planning of left-wing socialist groups.

    Just as the old Soviet Communist party played the long game by recruiting and encouraging fellow travellers to join a sensitive organisation and spend years working their way into an influential position, the same happened with the police.
    I remember over 30 years ago, when it was decided to begin the accelerated promotion system, certain people withing the force commented on what the long-term implications would be. How the force could be infiltrated by left wing groups. This was ignored and sneered at.

    There was a proposal put forward that 'officer class' police could be recruited by a form of direct entry comission. This was rejected by all and sundry, since the modern police have always started in teh same way. As a probationary beat constable.

    The 'Bramshill' project did shortcut this to a degree. Promising potential senior officers were fast-tracked through departments, often spending just a couple of months in each and not learning the basics of being a copper, before being sent to the Police Colelge and returning with guaranteed promotion.

    Now, we have 'left wing liberals' who have turned what was a much envied and efficient police force into a a quasi-social workers 'service' with customers!
    And, just like all the long term plans of teh socialst republics, the harvest has failed. We have a police service in which the public have no confidence. Police chiefs who wish to set political agenda and disillusioned police constables.

    I served uner two 'old-fashioned' Chief Constables who firmly believed that our task was to protect the public and safeguard them and their property. They had autonomy and answered to no government body. They were also liked and respected by their men and women who worked for them.
  7. You're having a laugh surely? Where and when did this happen?
  8. Similar thing was proposed for the Navy just after Labour got in. The 'right' people with 'suitable qualifications and experience' would go straight in as Rear Admirals. No previous armed forces experience required.

    Fortunately, the idea was soon dropped after making it in to some of the tabloids.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    When the standards set in public life have reached such an all-time low, is it any wonder that there is a filtration downwards of this corruption and lack of accountability? After all, many of these people rely on the favouratism of our corrupt and inept leaders for their jobs.

    Traffic coppers getting done for speeding, head police refusing to resign, ministers caught lying time and time again, and refusing to resign, politicians jeering others when they raise questions about poor MOD funding, lying to get us in wars, taking freebies off foreign businessmen, lying about donations, selling peerages (allegedly), losing privelaged personal information about millions of people, banning protests with police approval, denying free speech, attempting to bring down the monarchy, climbing into bed with terrorists (and supporting them vocally), allowing troops to die in the field through lack of funding, whilst planning to cut the funding still further, allowing council free-for-all money grabs through council tax and parking attendants, allowing the expenditure of millions of pounds of taxpayers money on poncing up chambers, thought crime, cameras on every street corner, selling out our national identity and breaking up the Union . . . aaaand breath.

    The list is endless.

    Back to the matter in hand: What role models do the head of our police forces have - they can't even bring charges against lying and corrupt politicians.
  10. Did they have to wear them, were there any concequences if they chose not to?

    In general I support the police and will assist them in any way I can. That said I think (having spoken to several friends who are officers) the job has changed over the last decade (odd that- since about 1997) much more to wards 'conflict resolution' than good old fashioned policing. There is also too much PR going on in forces (in Cheltenham there have been a number of muggings and robberies to which the law seems to have no response) but they are all over the local papers having heroicly bust a few brothels and victimised some boy-racers.
    Why the PR war? Because they are all targeted on certain things so life becomes all about 'perception management'. In keeping with New Labour's approach towards public life, it doesnt matter what happens on the streets- just plaster over it and keep feeding positive stories, the prols will loose the will to fight back. Ticks in all the boxes, proceed to next promotion.
  11. I may or may not be laughing. The citizens of Nottingham most certainly are not:-

    Green ribbons

    More on the Chief Constable
  12. Last week following a near miss with a pillock in a corsa I telephoned the police. I reached a telephone operator who asked what the problem was, where I lived, er what town is that near???, I'll put you through to the communications centre. I spoke to a police man (a real one) told him what had happened, explained it was.

    A. In a place where there was a near fatal accident one month earlier caused by a pillock in a corsa, he left the other driver with a punctured lung. The pillock p*ssed off in a taxi.

    B. We had been promised "attention" to the pillocks and paedophiles that drive up and down the road trying to achieve warp speed. Especially during school lunch hour.

    He say wheres that. I don't know where your village is. Then he says if you keep complaining something will be done.

    I told him since Durham set up it's lack of communications centres. The public has lost confidence in the police. We no longer had any local contact. We couldn't speak to a local officer. And as a bloke who didn't know the area attached a level of priority to any calls. People had given up trying.

    I'll get someone to call and see you he says.

    Three days later a plastic copper (PCSO) turns up to take a statement. Well he says traffic have checked it out, and theres not much of a problem

    I said cos traffic turn up at 11am when the school is in and traffic is light, we've told them hundreds of times (that is no exaggeration) it happens between 12.15pm and 1pm school lunch hour.

    By we I mean individuals, neighbourhood watch and the residents commitee.

    O.F.A.H we've posted on similar threads. How do we get back to the traditional bobby who knows the good guys and the bad guys. And looks after his "beat"
  13. I worked with a certain high-up copper from a certain southern county when I was sorting out police training in a certain sandy country and couldn't believe the ineptitude and ignorance from someone so "experienced" (in the FCO's eyes). He didn't quite understand why the army types were arguing that the southern part of this certain country wasn't like his home turf and why we were being so "negative" - funny how he couldn't give the stats for the amount of IED's or RPG attacks - let alone the AK-47 ownership ratio per capita in his home county, but still thought that there was no difference between xxxxshire and the four provinces in said sandy country. Lord knows if he went with the practical knowledge from the chaps on the ground, he just may have put his sweet FCO pay packet at risk (wouldn't want to go against the nimby aparatchiks in the FCO, now, would he???). Good thing he was posted as the CPA for said AO... :x
  14. Some time ago, PTP posted the following on this thread:

    The more the, "Somewhat Miffed of Arrse," threads appear, the more I think that Flying Officer Pease was fighting to avoid exactly what has happened to the Public Services. It really is a shame.
  15. nothing wrong with direct commission at two-star rank - look at Geddes!