What's worse?

Whats worse!

  • Being a TA soldier attached to the Regulars

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  • Being an ex Regular with the TA

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  • Being an ex Regular, as a TA, attached to the Regulars

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Just a thought.

What's worse:

a. Being a TA soldier attached to the regulars

b. Being an ex regular with the TA

c. Being an ex regular,as a TA, attached to the Regulars

d. Being a civvy.
I have not voted, nothing really applicable to me. As a TA (or is it Army Reserve yet) who works 50% of the time with the Regular Army I have never had a problem. I can see how it might be a problem for the TA ex-Reg. We had one Lt Col working in a Bde HQ who approached the Chief of Staff volunteering his services to be Deputy Commander if needed. The CoS obviously thought that this was a jumped up STAB until someone pointed out that the "STAB" had been a Reg Full Colonel and had done the Deputy Commander role for real.

I suppose the moral of the story is to never assume anything as "assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups". A second moral would be "never go into a situation thinking you are God's gift". This works both ways for the Reg working with the TA and vice versa. If you do, that is when the problems start and you can start ticking in the boxes of this poll.

Just my one Euro's worth. (I'm getting ready for when it Europe et al gets dumped on us big time.)


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Well, for the first time in a forum I can make a reasoned vote because I have been all 4 - once a TA soldier attached to the regulars, also an ex regular with the TA, also (currently) an ex regular,as a TA, attached to the Regulars, and also (soon again, please God) a civvy.

Which is worse? Being a Civvy - it's just that there just aren't the opportunities for whining and griping in civvy street any more - it's one area where the Army remain market leaders.
Twenty years in a TA Inf Bn, ten years working with the Regulars as a Territorial. Good times and some bloody good laughs.

I admire the Regs I work with, 98% good chaps, I was very proud of my TA Bn and we had some excellent ex Regs serve with us.

I have also met in my time a choice collection of knobs, ********* and w*nkers both stab and reg.

Stop moaning and be positive. For every tosser you meet wearing green you'll meet twenty good uns.


I've worked with TA as a regular. I think the TA have a lot of respect and do a great job but lack some experiance. I think the Reg working with the TA has it hardest. To get anything done in the TA you have to wait for the next drill night and the turn around time can take a while - especially when higher HQ wants all answers by this time yesterday. I'd definately work with the TA again - the enthusiasm is awsome.
In my day ( I know I know here we go again :lol: ) I was never attached to the TA however I did instruct quite a number of courses at various times with them, I always found them to be willing to learn, putting in maximum effort, and be all round team players, I think though as times have changed and due to the incompitence of our beloved leaders, we have had to rely on the TA more and more, this is no fault of theirs, and also no fault of the regs, what it has done is create this divide between Reg and TA which is a shame, the mere fact we have to rely on so much TA involvement in all our operational theatres bodes very badly on our political masters, it shows how desperately under strength the Regular force is.
We need to get back to what it was with an effective regular force where the immediate front line does not have to be filled by TA to such numbers, the TA do a great job and we should not berate them for being put into situations where they may have difficulty coping, not there fault.
lets lay the slagging on the political masters who deserve it ..............and if any stabs want to be t*ssers then it is open season :lol:
Come on Tigger lighten up a touch - I agree that the big boys shouldn't rely on the TA for expeditionary warfare or peacekeeping type ops but please don't say that we're not up to it.

I could give you a history lesson about 50(Northumbrian) and 51 Highland Divs who were Territorial and amongst the best in WW2 etc. I could tell you about certain Regular officers who introduced themselves as instructors on at least two courses with the words 'I don't like the TA'. A great way to motivate people.

I could even tell you that when we moved into Iraq several people were a bit windy and they were Regs (where I worked there were few stabs). Perhaps they had a better understanding of the situation.

In the ordinary course of events a regular will be more competent than a Territorial - but then, quite frankly, as a reg does it full time he ought to be- but that doesn't mean that the stabs are lesser people. The potential is there it just needs the experience.
mushroom said:
but that doesn't mean that the stabs are lesser people. The potential is there it just needs the experience.
Did I say that, I think not, think your being over sensitive, I think its maybe you that needs to lighten up :lol:

Oh and when we start putting the reserve team first, then we are in trouble dont you think :?:

Think about it :!: :!: :!:
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