What's worse than a walt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BWsamwatt, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. I've just returned from CATT in Germany, and whilst hoisting a few glasses with a few of the boy we were accosted by a group of signallers. More glasses were raised and somehow the topic of SCBC came about. This signaller then decided to fill us with tall tales of getting a distinction, instructer recommendation etc etc. This could be believed, maybe he confused SCBC with AASAA and AATAC, but no he was convinced he pushed out all "6 months of Juniors" (sic).

    At this point my bullshit meter was at full alert, what wonderful tall tales would follow? A quick wink and a nudge and we closed in, pulled up a sandbag and waited.

    Apparantly this muppet is responsible for training ALL of the royal signals in infantry tactics, all of them. We then decided to see how far he'd go, mentioning a few of us were looking at doing P Company as a step along the way for doing selection. "Oh P Company, thats a piece of piss, just a few days of log runs and you're done. I came top of my course!" and then cue the lean in and lowered voices, "I got selected to go to SAS, I've only got to do the jungle phase". We weren't going to let this slide, and after much backing himself into a corner he made a swift quiet exit.

    The worse thing is, we saw him the next day, a big bag of shite, swaggering around camp with no sign of wings and a beret like a HLS.

    So, what's worse than a walt? A serving soldier that thinks he can pull the wool. Cunt.
  2. Posting it on here, when you did the square root of fuck all about it yourself at the time.
  3. Whats better than luring hm in and outing him infront of his mates in a bar full of fellow soldiers? What do you want, take him outside and kick his teeth in within shouting distance of the main gate?
  4. Was he trying to pull you?

    Everyone knows that any lie is acceptable if it's to get a shag.

    Field Marshall the Duke JBM VC, GC, MC, QGJM, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 + Bar.
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  5. Sounds like a plan.
  6. Sounds like he WAS indeed talking hoop...

    However, RSignals do, on occaision, get a spot on SCBC. But more (slack handful) have actually done PSBC which is required for RMAS, etc.
  7. Pointless nailing him, only you lose out in the long run. Call him a cunt and tell him to go away, this method was executed perfectly in Skopje by a tired RM force protection commander to a Sapper who professed to be ex 59 but 'didn't bother wearing the dagger', we were stuck listening to the biff for thankfully half an hour at most before we got the nod to set off, the fat little cunt went back to his wagon all red faced and being laughed by most of the front end of the packet.
  8. was this sigs muppet in uniform?....a name tag?......unit flash / insignia?
  9. On the Walt front, i think i have found another "Second man on the balcony" story.

    People that say their Grandads were the first people at Belsen. It is not till i have seen it on another forum again today that i clicked. How many people actually liberated that fucking place.
  10. My Grandad died at Belsen.......................

    ......................he fell out of the watchtower drunk ^^
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  11. Best time to get evidence of this is when people are posted from other regiments, 40 Regt RA reportedly had a BSM caught red handed wearing wings that he had supposedly had on since he was a full screw.
    Same script, a lance jack from 45 got a complete fucking for sticking a set of wings up when he was dicked to go to Whale Island, silly cunt walked into a galley with enough people in the know sat in there to raise their eyebrows and set the ball rolling.

    Wierdos to a man if you ask me, call them a cunt and tell them to go away.
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  13. Mine too. He shot himself rather than be captured by the allies.
  14. What's worse than a walt?

    Walthunters that take it far to seriously.

    Cunts the lot of 'em. Walthunting is the equivalent to laughing at the fat kid in the playground. It's fun, everyone can do it and if you're lucky it'll cause the victim permanent damage without you ever having to lift a finger or get off your arse. Quality.

    Unfortunately there are those walthunters who feel that Gary in the Feathers telling the barmaid he ripped a man's head off with his bare hands in the caves of Tora Bora in the hope she'll suck him off somehow reflects on those serving. These humourless mongs usually get worked into a frenzy of cheap supermarket brand ale and harsh font and launch a moral crusade.

    The ones that shout the loudest about these fibbers and sad sacks aren't the young lads with three tours of a sandy shithole under their belts, its the fat middle aged ones that spent the cold war eating sausages and counting spark plugs. Somehow walts taint their honour.

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  15. Or counting sausages as well as eating them. I like sausages. That's the fourth time today I've typed 'sausage'... make that five. I wasn't expecting that little statistic when I got up this morning I can tell you.