whats with rip offs???

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Cover_And_Fire, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. my mate lost a dvd from the spar and they made him pay like £60... instead of him just replacing it.. and one had it one night extra and they charged him £30.. ... the sqms charged someone who lost a key for his padlock £70 for a lock.. and someone who lost his remote for his rented out tv £60... is this just taking advantage??? cos in civilian life if i had a dvd from blockbuster one night extra.. they charge you for the one night which is like £3
  2. Get a life geek welcome to the big bad world where your mum dosent breast feed you. YOU want to be treated like an adult then accept the responsibility.
  3. well im sorry mo fo... but £60 for a lost dvd is ridiculous
  4. If you wantr the DVD, buy it, it's cheaper. The SQMS can't issue a padlock without a key..... you have to replace the lock. Nobody wants a TV without a remote, at 60 quid you are getting off light.

    But more to the point, if you can't look after your kit...... you are going to have a very expensive time in the army. Sort out your admin!
  5. C and F - would you like to buy some string to tie to each of your gloves? It runs up each arm and then you won't lose them. :D
  6. I assume by the fact that you are in the glorious Corps you can read?

    Well young man Im afraid at some point in your life someone will stop wiping your arrse for you and you have to assume a litttle rsponsibiltiy. That includes reading the f***kin agreement you sign up to when you want to be as cool as your mates but cant be arr**ed to to return your part opf the agrement on time .
  7. What can you do?? If they have a monopoly they exploit it and it gets worse and worse!! Thats why the spar/naafi close down any competition ... anyone remember the burger van by the zebra crossing in blandford?? banned from camp so the naafi could open up with a menu of 4 soggy items sold with a grudge and a sulk!!! We all love the happy naafi staff really!!
  8. like no more washing machines cos the laundry wasnt making enough money
  9. Why dont you club together and buy one for the block ?

    dont forget to read the small print
  10. some ladz had one but they got made to get rid off it. £6 to get some laundry done :(
  11. Well, like, how long did your, like, mate lose it for?

    Like, 20 fricking weeks? Like!...eh...like!
  12. cover_and_fire thought you would be glad to use the laundry, you expect everything else done for you. :twisted: :twisted:

    The reason you paid extra for the lost DVD is the DVD's you rent are not normal ones. They have to pay a lot more to be allowed to rent them, If they charged you 30 quid for one night overdue then you got ripped off, my late DVD's always get charged one day extra. Replacing a TV remote is expensive because they have to be ordered off the manufacturer.

    Get used to it mate. The only way it will change is if you stop using these facilities.
  13. What sort of idiot can loose a dvd going from the spar to the block and back again???? some sort of facking dumbass!!!!!!

    What happens when you go to war??? "corporal ive lost my rifle" get a grip ********!!!!!
  14. Best thing about these is that if your Section Commander pulls hard enough on the left hand you smack yourself in the chops with your right.

    Richly comic.
  15. Bugga! You've now gone and ruined my plan.