What's with Kids starving in Africa

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chunkie, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Every year as far back as I can remember, children have been starving in Africa. Trillions in money have been poured in to feed Africans over the years in aid from countries, yet this poverty still continues. Are African countries fully reliant on our charity, are funds being pocketed by officials, are charities just prolonging the poverty, or do these people realy want to change their traditional way of life? what your view and solution?
  2. Birth control,and plenty of it.
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  3. Lack of education, low/no skilled workforce.

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  4. There's two sides to this, as far as I'm concerned.

    The charities need the self-perpetuating humanitarian crises to justify their existence and provide an income for themselves.

    Next, whenever a crisis such as these develop the 'aid agencies' step in and distribute 'aid'. The locals move in, lock, stock and barrel to receive the aid and set up camp. Word gets around that free food is on offer and people from a wider area arrive and they all stay there ad infinitum because the aid agencies will never stop providing for them. Because food and water is now plentiful the locals, as is their custom, breed like rabbits but now the children, who would have normally die of malnutrition/starvation (which is why they have so many children), don't die and the population swells.

    So, you end up with a region that can only sustain a population of a few thousand now supporting tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of people dependant on aid. Finally there is a move by NGAs to make the population become more self-sustaining and slowly the aid moves away ..... until the next crisis in the region.

    But now, instead of a few thousand in need of aid, there are thousands and thousands living in a region which can't sustain them.

    A bit like the south east of the UK. ;-)
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  5. There already too many of us on this planet, we are only prolonging our suffering by trying to save them.

    Ive lost count of the number of little red envelopes with a picture of a little skinny colored fella with flies on his face ive thrown in the bin, then dumped left overs on it thinking to myself as the gravy runs down his face.....he's melting.

    We are fighting mother nature, unless, the idea was that life came out of africa which couldnt sustain it in the hope that it would come back and save it. If thats the case them Im a bad man and will probably be struck by lighning.
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  6. Culture is the problem plus Religion......
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  7. The lack of interest in helping themselves, my ex BiL used to do a month of charity work for the Teardrop Foundation back in the 80's, one month a year of his own time. He used to design waterworks for councils so was well versed in finding and getting water to flow through systems. After 4 years of going to the same village training the same people on how to use and maintain the equipment, and going back and seeing it left in ruins when he returned, he said "****'em, they can die of thirst" and this from a happy clappy born again Christian.
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  8. Council man you say...
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  9. In my Mother's childhood the Catholic Church in the UK used to distribute little cardboard models of mud huts which the youngsters were encouraged to put money in. In exchange they were told they could name an African child after themselves.

    This was known as "buying brown babies". Mother wonders how many Africans of approximately seven years younger than herself are called Mairead Therese*.

    *Name changed, but you get the idea...
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  10. Office bod, not field bod.
  11. Throughout my long life (66yrs) starving children has been a prominent feature in the news,countries suffering from this problem include,China,India,Bangladesh,Biafra,Ethiopia,Sudan and Uganda,the list is endless and in Africa famine is actually on the increase.Nobody seems to have an answer, largely through upsetting Racial sensibilities no action is going to be taken soon,just prepare for floods of refugees entering (and unbalancing) the EU..........
  12. Corrupt government but also the mindset of the population. Mate once did a run ashore in some east african shithole, took a few quid to the local money exchange post and came out with enough local currency to fill a suitcase. While he was busy trying to stuff his pockets full of notes a local lad came up and started hassling him for a handout. Mate had a few weird coins about 4 inches diameter with a hole in the centre, thinking they must be worth something he gave the kid a couple. Kid promptly turned his nose up, chucked them in the gutter, spat at my mate and ran off to find a better handout. Common sense would dictate the kid saving the coins until he had a suitable amount, but in the kids mind he wanted the quick fix, a large amount straight away.
    Also a documentary on a few years ago now, following the life of an african farmer. He had a couple of cows which provided milk for his family, the surplus he used to sell to neighbours, using the money to buy more cows and extra food. He got to six cows over a period of a year, then found out that he could do a straight swap for an AK47. He did the swap then realised he had no milk or income for his family, so used the gun to rob the neighbouring villages, who got promptly pissed off. They ganged up on him , beat the shit out of him and forced him to leg it, leaving his family destitute.****ed up mindset.
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  13. Call Danny Boyle, that could make a great movie.
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  14. Al-Quaida is now taking over swaths of Africa with weapons looted from countries convulsed by the 'Arab spring' - with a bit of luck they will drive out the aid workers and re-institute traditional methods of population control (famine, disease) whilst patting themselves on the back for their obedience to the Will of Allah.
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