Whats with every Corp & TRF´s

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by lancsyesthanks, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. Why is it all the corps like the RLC, RA, REME, and just lately AGC all suddenly deciding that they need to wear TRF´s, ok i understand the reason behind most corps having them because of history. However some dont need them or is it to make them feel better, Thank God i am leaving after my 13 years of proud service. All the regulations and attitudes have changed enough let alone turning us into the cub scouts.
  2. We don't have them & if we did we wouldn't wear them, giving away more info than necessary.

    Have you seen the RRS flash? Lion rampants on each side now!
  3. Multiple choice TRF test

    XXX Corps needs a TRF because:

    a. YYY Corps has one and so we want one too.
    b. The last corps to get a TRF gets the beers in.
    c. It's a competition to see how many badges we can get sewn on to our 'camouflage' suits before a new CGS says get them all off.
    d. The Corps RSM is going to get an OBE for this.
    e. The Corps Dress committee chairman has just started a badge making company.
    f. All of the above.
  4. I've yet to understand what is so fecking tactical about a bright coloured patch on your jacket/shirt. The outer layer is dpm; i.e tactical so it is more difficult for the enemy to see us. Having some huge bright flash isn't exactly aiding camoflage and concealment is it?
  5. Only if they're in 51 Bde.
  6. The ironic thing is that during times of war, kit is supposed to be 'sanitised' - i.e. the TRFs get taken off.

    Which kind of goes against the Tactical in tactical Recognition Flash. Besides, as P_L has eluded to, most TRFs are about as tactical as an OTC weekend gang-f#ck.
  7. It's all about saving money apparently. Corps soldiers move around that much and have to wear the same badges as the units they are attached to that the powers that be decided that TRF's were the way ahead. They say that each time badges are removed a certain amount of damage is done, hence if you don't wear any badges of other units only your own Corps you won't ever need to remove them.

    Sounds sensible in a strange sort of way, but does make it obviouse when a bush has a big TRF on it that it is in fact not a bush, but a very smartly dressed Corps man.

    As for saving money, haven't worked that one out yet. We still have to wear the Bde flashes, which TRF's were supposed to stop.
  8. The Royal Artillery is not a Corp twatboy
  9. At £34,000 for their TRF outlay I cannot see the AGC saving any money, but then I guess fiscal matters aren't a particular strength there eh?! :lol: :lol:
  10. Yeah but is the whole point of TRF not so that individuals from the same units can find each other in confused situations, as a result all REME and AGC attached to Engr Regts wear the RE TRF?? therefore your argument about corps personnel moving doing damage to uniforms is spurious (And in fact only applies to REME, AGC(SPS) and RLC Chef's)

    standing by for incoming...
  11. Attached personnel don't wear RE TRF's as far as I know so that gets round that point. Before TRFs came in Engrs had a green shoulder flash which was actually tactical and didn't stand out. If somebody can't tell I'm an engr by my capbadge, stable belt and rank slide I don't think a TRF is going to help!
  12. Well said that man!!!!! :)

    On the point of TRFs, it seems to be very much the fashionable thing to do. Even the ACF counties are designing and issuing them.
  13. Sorry about that escape, yep just our lot in the south. d'you know if 52 still wear HD?
  14. The only unit i've seen in 52 is the R Irish 1st Bn. They all wear:

  15. 52 Bde never wore the HD patch - 51 Bde did. The above post is correct - 52 Bde wear the patch that was 52
    Div's from WW2. I am not sure if 51 Bde still wear the HD patch.