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Whats with all the...........

Seriously, what's up these days with all the SMALL shitters :?

Every where you go these days you come across these little crappers. You know, the ones where you struggle to pee and dump because your arse is either hanging to far back or your willie is dangling on the porcelain. I HATE THAT !

I have a biggy at home that I can sit comfortably on, so I've decided from now on I ain't dumping in anybody else's, that's right, even if I have to Biz my pants I refuse to.

Surely we arrser's can design a crapper to suit all (well, except maybe bigbird).

My starter for ten........


this is mine.... can deflate it and put it in my handbag so i don't get caught short in the queue outside Greggs!!

there's GOT to be a play on words in there somewhere...deflatable defaecator but i'm too full of dinner to play!
I've found the loo roll.

This is a shite thread.
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