Whats up with no Q&A for Aircraft techs?

Discussion in 'REME' started by FODEN34KE12, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wondering why there is no topic for Q&A for aircraft tech?

    Can anyone tell me where the main postings are for class 3/2 aircraft techs?

  2. Wattisham :D obviously
  3. Q: Do Aircraft techs like it up the Bum?

    A: Yes

    Problem solved?
  4. This is a good training video for Air Techs by Air Techs
  5. ok well does anyone know what the working day consists of.

    Anybody actually do the job?

    I'm not too keen on pure electrics so I guess aircraft tech would be better route than Avionics Tech.

    I am a class two recy mech been in four years so i know all the crap about how boring it is in a reme battlion. I'm looking for a retrade that will a get me something near a decent civilian qualification (thanks for the C&G in heavy and light recovery but its actually useless) and be a bit more stretching mentally. Before the banter starts i'm not the average knuckle dragger I do have a brain (although I still like to get naked and drink stupid amounts :twisted: ).

    I just want the low down from the people that do the job to see if its any good. I really want to work on aircraft so I know I will enjoy it.

    Any help would be appreciated


    What is the working day when you leave arborfield?

    What are you expected to do to the aircraft?

    Will everyone be playing Warhammer in the crew room and will I not fit in because I don't know facts about star wars?

    What do the shakey qualifications that the army give you mean in civvie street?

    How hard is it to get JAR 66 licenses, would I be better doing an apprenticeship in civ div?



    PS Thanks vamps i'll take it however it comes ;)
  6. Why dont you ask your careers officer if you can do a familiarisation visit to either Wattisham, Dishforth, Aldergove, Guttersloh or Arborfield (whichever is the easiest)? That way you will see firsthand.

    The problem with asking questions on here is that you dont know who is posting a reply. If its YOUR career, get off YOUR butt and find out for YOURSELF!!

    Good luck

  7. Your day will start with being given a airframe to work on.
    You will look at the said airframe with a weird geeky look.
    you will find the problem(after biff PT)
    you will go to the tool store and sign out a tool.
    you go back to find that it is the wrong size so you need to sign for another tool.
    your class one needs to check that the tool is correct.
    then the tiffy needs to check that the class one has checked that the tool is correct.
    then the Warrant officer needs to chect that the tiffy has checked etc
    eventually you repair the airframe and its time to get posted to another unit on the same garrison!!!!! :D

    Apparently :D
  8. Thanks sparkey lol. I was really just after some opinions really. see wat people thought of the trade. It looks to me like a top notch job working on aircraft airframes but i wanna know what people reckon. I been in 4 years i know there will be the usual naysayers that have got the hump becaus they are on guard this weekend etc.

    Just wanted an insight.

    Hmmm exchange airframe for land rover put FOD in front of the checks and it sounds like the VM in the workshops in FI. Usual stuff lol.
  9. Pretty out of line. Careers offices only offer so much information, and some you have to find out yourself. They are trying to sell you the jobs at the end of the day, so its helpful to find information from people who are already in the job and see what they think.

    Fair enough some of the answers on here are bollocks, but you can usually filter through the shit, and find a lot of information about trades. If it wasn't for this forum, i probably wouldnt've chose Electronics Technician as my trade, but I did, and now i'm happily off to Bassingbourn on 24th Nov :)

  10. Meeeow....

    Rejected for airtech were we?? :D :D

    The working day post Arborfield varies depending on where you are posted to and even which sub unit you go to. Wattisham is generaly the busiest, with the 2 front line units there doing year on year off ops. But Dishforth and Gutersloh also taking their fair share of Ops. Depends on which aircraft type.

    Work wise you will be expected to carry out everything from daily inspections to 600 Hrs servicing, on the AH, and up to 400 hrs on the Lynx. If you get to a gazelle squadron the you are a lucky man.

    No only the Greenies play Warhammer, a common mistake to mix the two trades up, but easily done.

    Nowadays I think you can get anything from a full apprenticeship as an Aeronautical Engineer, to a degree in Tiffyness.

    Jarr66....Expensive, time consuming, not very easy, but if you want them they are doable, I know a few lads who have done them, and they are reaping the benefits in Civvy street. Can earn you an extra 10-20 grand.

    The postings are a bit pants though. Wattisham (can spend your entire career there, especially if AH trained), Dishforth, Gutersloh, Aldergrove. There are some nice flights left......well Canada. For the Techs Belize, Brunei and Cyprus have gone as they have been contracted out to civvies in another MoD cost cutting exercise. :cry: :cry:

    Like all trades you get out what you put in. Although be prepared to have the urine ripped out of you unmercilessly by all the "Black Hat" trades, and you will also have to suffer the indignity of wearing papa smurf on yer head....

    Good luck if you go for it.

    Norbat :D
  11. You're not even in the army and youre casting your opinions on something you dont even know about? In a unit there are careers officers who help people out with that. Im not telling him to go to a recruitment office you bell end. In this day and age if you want to get on then you have to be proactive towards your own career so FODEN, if you're still unsure, get out and about there pal. Nayweiser I can't wait to say hello to you O great Oracle on all things green & meet you I will!
  12. He posted that 5 months ago Sparky, he is probably already at Arborfield (or back in civvy strasse).
  13. Dont worry about the slaggings you got for the above comment, ive put a few disapproving comments on arrse and have been subject to the same protectionism from a few people who cant see outside the blinkers of the tech world!
  14. Thats cos you write with about as much authority and sense as a bloke about to do basic training. Hence the same type of reply.

    The troll returns.................................................. yawn
  15. Yes!!

    The bait has been taken,the troll has been caught, dont get your gyros in a twist whenever someone has something to say against the holy, beyond repute trade!