What's Up At KFC?

DHL is to KFC as Capita is to the MOD.
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If it helps, you can bite my arrse if you try claiming KFC is anything other than a glorified grot-pot no better (or worse) than kackdonalds.
Whatever... I make no claims regarding KFC, McDonalds or any businesses of their ilk. I merely highlighted the OED definition of a restaurant. The quality of food offered has no bearing whatsoever on that definition.

Even a thicko such as you couldn't possibly disagree that a branch of KFC that prepares/cooks and serves food to be consumed on their premises meets the definition of a restaurant. You not liking the food offered is completely irrelevant.
yes & its the type of casual racist you seem to enjoy

is implying a majority group rioted at the lack of fried chicken & looted / burned a lorry gonna get me in bother?

If so does one of those ROP's badges, mark me out as one of the cool gang ?
Err, no.

The old fart was using sarcasm to indicate that maybe the stereotype of "only blacks eat chicken" isn't true, and the hand wielding the ban hammer was giving a hint unsubtle enough for the site retards to get, that now's a good time to STFU.

p.s. I'm pissed.
A lot of criticism for mcdonalds on this thread.
I admit that the quality does vary a lot. But if you get a well prepared fresh big mac or quarter pounder with cheese then in my opinion they are very hard to beat.
There is a reason that they sell by the millions everyday.
They taste f**cking amazing are cheap, and hit the spot.
I regularly make my own burgers and they are very nice, but sometimes you just can't beat a quarter pounder.
Or for that matter a whopper with cheese.
Saying that though, the last time I went to a burger king I balked at paying nearly eight quid for a whopper meal.

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