Whats Up at Area 51?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AndyPipkin, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. How much store do you place by this guy?

    I was pretty much under the impression that most of "black project" followers had now disregarded the existance of the Aurora having traced such references and funding allocations as were released publically to the B2 project - Which was considerably more costly than admitted.
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Area 51, haven't heard that term for ages....

    ...in the Blue Room, they have blue aliens :wink:

  3. He has been accurate in his predictions in the past, his book on what turned out to be the F-117 for example, but opinion is divided on this latest piece. Certainly a lot of money gets spent on stuff that gets kept secret, and there's a lot of things we could be doing with current technology that no-one is doing publicly.

    That said, explanations can be a lot more mundane than the tinfoil crowd would have you believe. The USAF "obtained" Migs and so on during the Cold War and flew them out in the desert, occasionally they crashed and got written up as a UFO by the lunatic fringe.
  4. BAH! This is news? Everyone knows Kelly Johnson was an alien.

    To go from the P-80 to the SR-71 in about 17 years? Yeah righty-ho.
  5. And the flying Black Triangle codenamed Aurora that has secretly relaced the SR-71/A-12 Blackbird.

    Scotland has an 'Area 51' called RAF Machrihanish, Was once a Vulcan Bomber base, It was used in the late 1980s by the USN Seals and the USAF for thier Aurora that goes taking the pi$$ fast, Around 6,000 MPH?

  6. When someone of Bill Sweetmans standing speaks up and admittedly, takes his fee, I must admit he gets a hearing from me.
    So are people saying that Nothing is now going on there and that under King George all Black programs have been dropped.
  7. Hooray!
  8. No not at all, I was just of the opinion that the more informed of the black-plane propellor heads now considered that the principle evidence for "Project Aurora" - A request on the US Defence Budget during the mid '80's was in fact for the B2.
  9. The yanks will be doing sumfing probably got sum British technology to inspire them.
    Or Rooshi.

  10. True, but it actually looks like this:

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  11. how much is the space ship.
  12. If you read the article Sweetman says 'Aurora' was probably a testing effort that was dropped in the early/mid 1990s but has recently been resurected, as evidenced by the return of the sonic booms.
  13. Haven't you heard the official line?

    "There's nothing up at Area 51, even if there was an area 51 in the first place. Now if you just look at the top of my pen while I put my sunglasses on............................................
  14. Cool, do they do bus tours and have a coupon day!