Whats unusual with this War Memorial

Linky no worky round eye!

But if it's the one I'm thinking of, it's either the disturbing red lettering, or the fact that' it's covered in swastikas.
Indeed its the Swastikas (both correct way round and incorrect). We get a lot of tourists completely confused as to why they are on the Memorial and thats why the explaination was added to it. I think the resident "Royal Guard"got fed up with being asked...as they did not know themselves....
The swastika is also used on Church linen as a Christian symbol, it is a cross after all (Hakenkreuz). There are some examples in our parish church in Yorkshire.


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Those aren't swastikas.

They are swastikas. Swastika is a Sanskrit word and is used to describe the variances of the hooked cross symbol in the Indian sub-continent. In Hinduism it means different things depending on which way it's facing.

The Nazi version was called the Hakenkreuz, I don't know if Germans ever used the term Swastika.
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