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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar69, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Haven't looked yet, but I'd guess at something to do with "KUSH DRAGON LAND ROVER AND PINZ" :)
  2. The whole folder of pictures seems to be full of prototype or trials vehicles.

    I think the vehicle in your picture is a Bucher Duro 6x6. No idea what is on the back, or even if it is Signals.
  3. Sorry was in a rush, whats the kit on the back of the Bucher Duro
  4. Sledgehammer, Shovel RE, Pick.

    You're not helping yourself, are you? :)
  5. Think you may have been looking at the wrong picture, the Pinzgaur has that stuff on it.

    The Mowag (Bucher Duro) has what looks like some transformers or power conditioning units on it.

    Best I can offer at the moment is either a Reacher Medium or some sort of ISTAR gubbins.
  6. [​IMG]

    This one?

    Not certain, but I'd guess at Reacher or LRBM
  7. not LRBM, door is on the side not rear ....

    ........oh christ, I am going to spotter hell.
  8. I thought Falcon but that comes on another vehicle doesn't it

    Looking at the other stuff on the site I think reacher also

  9. Had it confirmed - it is a Reacher Medium
  10. Has it been fully accepted into service yet?
  11. Has the det comd had a good kicking for poor site admin.
  12. Same containers as the normal BM or the other Cormorant trucks? Or is it something completely different?
  13. LRBM is same box as t'other Cormorant boxes - BM is a little box. I had to suffer the hell that was 3 weeks in Florida for the original LRBM course :D

    The Reacher box is a slightly different size and for real spotter hell .......

    ...... the Reacher door has 3 hinges whereas the Cormorant boxes have 2!
  14. On a MAN HX60 i believe.

    I've seen a REACHER Medium in a containerised variant at JV a couple of years back. Naturally we nicknamed the containerised reacher "creature" much to Paradigms consternation. Not sure if it is going to come into service but it was Drops portable and seemed an excellent piece of kit.