Whats this?

Prototype for the "dragon" tank from Dr.No? Efficient use of giant limpets?

Seriously, the vegetation at the back looks like savanna, possibly something South African?
Bouillabaisse said:
German pre-WW11 - practice tanks to get round Versailles Treaty? 6 wheel config looks like an early armoured car series
SdKfz 232 "6-Rad"'s by the looks. But the stealth package is way ahead of it's time!
Aparently they're venezuelan

A small number of armored recce vehicles were fabricated at the Puert Cabello Naval Arsenal. These were rather similar to a turtle in appearance and thus were dubbed "Tortuga" ( Turtle) The "Tortuga" was designed by an engineer called Tomás Pacanins,. The chassis was a Ford 6x4 commercial vehicle, a rotating turret, and armed according to with a Vickers Mk, 4b 7 mm machine gun (the ones shown on the photo above show a Hotchkiss Mod. 1931 13.2 mm according to Dr. Georg von Rauch). It is believed that 12 units were built but only five were displayed. In the event the vehicles were poorly designed, offered poor visibility and no ventilation. The extreme overhang on their bodies rendered them clumsy at hard to maneuver.

Do I win a prize for most obscure vehicle posted?
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