Whats This? Whats This?!?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. A bit early for April Fool's innit?

    News item from unattributed source.

    " Andy McNab, a former SAS commando and bestselling author, is going to design and launch his own range of women's underwear. ' Heterosexual men know more about women's underwear than women do. ' the Gulf War hero told the Sunday Telegraph. ' We know what works and what doesn't, what buttons and catches are easy to undo and which one's aren't. Women, frankly, don't have a clue. '"

    ooh, that'll endear him to wimmen everywhere..best hope he still has some protective kit in the closet 'cause I think after this his balls will be worn by some bint as garters.
  2. Thats sooooooooooo last year!
  3. It's old hat. (I'm pretty sure that counts as a pun).
  4. So its a done deal, is it?
    Andy's got camo coloured ladies undies on the market for those wimmen who don't have time to wipe and need to hide the skid marks..the bras with the little pocket for the mini-beretta..the quick-release Y-fronts for women on the go...

    are they available at Marks and Sparks? E-bay?
  5. is he aware that a man besigned the bra in the first place. It's a pain in the arrse sometimes to put on and adjusting the straps when the catch is at the back? you need to be double jointed.

    The only good thing is it is a bit of a sexual prowess barometer when a man tries to undo it. If he's anygood, he can undo it one handed or even by just looking at it!! ;)
  6. One of my mates at school used to be able to undo them when the girls in question were fully dressed, with simply his index finger. The man was a pro.
  7. I find a mousehole charge works everytime. Sadly there is never much left worth fcuking so i just have a w@nk and move house in the morning!
  8. ive no problem with andy mcnab design womens kit - i just wish women wouldnt design our kit - the sa80 sling being a perfect example of what happens when women get involved.
  9. Coincidently, I was in a branch of W H Smiths this evening and noticed a copy "Immediate Action" in the General Fiction section!
  10. Slightly off thread but slings come no better than that matey!
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    But I heard it on good authority that McNobb found the Thong chaffed his bumm hole so he designed his own range!(I gather he's designed a bra with a clip on shoulder holster for the SIB Wenches!
  12. Do you reckon the nighties will have zip up cargo pockets???
  13. I assume all the knickers will be crotchless to facilitate the "in and out before anyone notices" ethos?