What's this weird looking thing ? Is it Special SAS stuff ?

That’s not a racing spoon. That’s a wooden spoon; property of Scotland.
You’re right, they’ve won it in so many events/sports, year after year, it’s now known as Scottish Spoon! But still adaptable for use in food racing on exercise / ops!

nb: of course the Olympic Curling Team are the exception to this, but they were representing Great Britain so it doesn't count!


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The Colour Bod got caught up in the Black Plague so i did not have to hand them in along with my armour, bow, spare strings and arrows. Set me up for a job with that nice chap Mr R Hood, in Nottingham.
Did you fail the medical for Bruce and son then?

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Blasting cap pliers or an ammo belt repair tool?
It's a Yankee Vietnam era M16 bipod in an over engineered sheath. Guess the photographer was busy getting his money's worth out of the job lot of hired props and got too distracted putting an air rifle scope on the SLR to notice.
Seen this thing in a photo in Survival by Len Cacutt ISBN-10: 1854355392 and can't work out what it is. It's either a really safe machete scabbard or a set of snips/cutters. Can anyone put me out of my misery and tell me what it is ?
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And while I'm here what's the best Jungle survival guide out of these likely suspects ?
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It's a kit layout for a Combat Hairdresser, diffy the issue Jungle Conditioner by the look of it.
Going to ask what may be a stupid question but does the M16 have a floating barrel like the British SA80 and if so would this bi-pod then affect accuracy. I do realise that it might not be that important as they more likely sprayed out rounds as opposed to aiming.
I can definitely say, after dropping one in the oggin, it is most certainly not a floating barrel.
Parade behind the Guard and show spare S6 canister returned to vacuum packaging and show 2 x sexy little green first aid boxes from Op CORPORATE without which no proper ‘80s ensemble is complete.....

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