Whats this then?

Version of Knights SR-25?

US Marines are the only customer I'm aware of, although I've seen a few similar things in the hands of the baggies-and-sunshades crowd in Baghdad.

If I'm wrong with the above, then my guess its one of those airsoft walts with more money than sense who has spent two grand on a BB-gun....
well he has what appears to be a PRR headset on, yank BDU's on the bottom and what i think is Digi pattern on the top with a BDU hood, hmmmmmm very interesting Mr Bond!



Empty case a tad large as was the mag, definetly not Dansk though they fell out with them last year ish!
It is clearly an AR 10 derivative. The question is, whose?

The foresight is puzzling, for some reason evoking the Oberland Arms OA-10, but they don't work terribly well...


No, it is an AR 10 T made by Armalite in 7.62 x 51. Bought as an immediate operational requirement by the Canadian Forces for use in Afghanistan. It is the spotters rifle.
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