What's this tank?

​I've spent fecking ages looking at this from pretty much every angle, but I still cannot suss it.

Any knowledgeable black covvie types out there?

T34 series. I could tell you model if that stupid tart got out of the way so I could get a clear look at the towing bracket on the back. Stupid cow.

^ What Rodney said, deffo T34
Probably a T34/85

For comparison

I spent feckin' ages staring at it and still couldn't make out her flaps - have you got one without her bloody arm in the way?
Yep, without a doubt a T-34, not a wearer of black coveralls, but a wearer of a brown berret, so have a good idea with tracks. Looks like you could do with kicking a drip tray under her though.
No tits and pigtails ?? Shouldn't this be on the Jimmy savile thread.
su 100. su 75..... to name but a couple,
I was so tempted to bullshit about how this was a SU-85.. You can tell by the blah, blah, blah but then I noticed the T34/85 turret.. Bollocks.

The last time I saw someone with tits that small squating behind a tank it was L/Cpl Ian Hopper.
34-85 or 33-76 ?
oopps. 34-76....
i must stop fiddling with myself at the sight of waffle tracks..........

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