Whats this new bit of kit???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by easesprings, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. While reading today's Current Bun I came across this article and photo. The soldier with the USG, WTF is all that kit on his helmet and by his ear??
    The photo is better in the paper (Page 13) than this one, slightly enlarged and you can see it all clearly


    Is this the new night vision goggles??? If so what is the other piece of kit by his left ear???
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    This is a wah right ?
    I thought we had some sort of unwritten rule against wah-ing people on threads ?


  3. Ehhhhhhhhh???????? :? :? :? :? :? :?
    You lost me cuts
  4. You'd hope so, wouldn't you. This is the ARMY Rumour Service. Not Crab....
  5. Still Lost
  6. Okay 'easesprings, I'll fall for it. The pickies in the link are Brit soldiers.

    Awaiting the 'wah'
  7. Bit on his lid looks like a PNG harness: the kit on his left ear is a PRR headset.

    I Think that USG refers to UnderSlung Grenade ( Launcher ), rather than US Grunts or somesuch.

    B_B adjusts CBA and chinstrap, awaits incoming
  8. A WAH is a question that has an obvious answer. Thereby making anyone who answers the question look like a t**t. For example:

    Looking at the photo.
    Q. What's that he's holding in his hands?
    A. A rifle.
    Response. WAH!!!!.

    Therefore, the question answerer has been Wah'd and so looks a t**t.

    PS. I appreciate, of course, that I now may have been wah'd.
  9. Not if you look in the newspaper they is definetly something different/extra there
  10. I thought he'd misspelt USNG (as in US National Guard). Personally, I'd say the stuff in his ear is the crewmans headset, but what do I know. Agreed on the PNG harness, though it could be from the blur a headtorch.

    If it is a wah, then I'm in a 'not so secret' bunker near Ongar
  11. top photo, guys looking keen as mustard, covering arcs ect ect,
    In background, bloke bongy off scratching balls and having a smoke!!

    Well in :)
  12. Yea I thought that photo showed the full scale attitude of the British Squaddie
  13. Oh Dear, i just know in going to get grief for this one......

    using the proword "No Wah"
    definatly a monocular harness, (if you dont get one, the yanks are swapping 'em for slabs of stella if you ask nicely)

    and as the pic is of a CVR(T) Spartan on a low loader, the bloke in the commanders hatch has got an ANR headset on, it velcro's over the issue helmet...............

    Fire Away
  14. looks like a mounting bracket to me
  15. It's a mounting bracket for HMNVG - Helmet Mounted Night Vison Goggles