What's this guys problem?

blokes a bit of a dick by the look of it


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Can we have a forum about Coppicing and woodland management?
Non-story. Who gives a ****.
There is absolutely no need to be alarmed by this strange man.

Maybe he's a spy working for the Argentine SS... that would be a story. Doesn't matter if it's not true. In fact that will probably be what's written in the Metro or Daily Mail tomorrow :wink:!
He lives in Buenos Aires and is married to an Argentinian so it hardly constitutes a precedent for the Falkland Islanders. Not news unless you're an Argentine looking for some scrap of news to keep your hope up of reclaiming "The Malvinas"


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I wonder how man Brits married Krauts thirty years after WW2
Plenty, but:
1. I doubt many took Jerry citizenship.
2. The boxheads weren't still intent on invading.

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