What's this gun and why are they jumping over fire?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by redshift, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]


    Any ideas?

    Also, no naked roll mat fighting? :)

  2. Have a 'wah'.
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  3. cdc.png
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  4. Pfft! A trick question-the gas regulator is at the wrong setting, as ane fule kno.
  5. Whilst I'm no expert I'd suggest that it's a GPMG of some type in sustained fire role and the reason the are jumping over the fire is because if they didn't they'd get badly scorched.
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  6. It,s a scene from It aint half hot Mum ee by gun
  7. Guns

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    I love the fact they have trimmed the brim of the hat thus getting rid of one of its main points - being large to shade your eyes and when in the jungle and it is pissing it down keep the rain off your face.

    But as we always say Ally saves lives.
  8. Looking ally is important. Effective soldiering (at least at the sharp end) is as much about confidence as anything else. The better you think you look, the more confident you are. On the flipside, if a patrol looks like a bag of shit, the enemy gets a confidence boost.

    Besides, I've never met anyone who wore a floppy hat without the brim cut down and wasn't a complete mong. There must be some logic to the correlation.

  9. Strange that,some of the 'scruffiest' soldiers I've ever worked with,came from Hereford,and basically didn't give a toss what they looked like as long as it worked,mmm,must be a correlation there as well? :meditate:
  10. Well, the 2 chaps with nearly regulation brims are pretty well sun tanned.
  11. It's a MAG58 on a tripod with a trilux sight.

    They're jumping over a BBQ cooking eggs.

    Possibly the worlds gayest fight.

    Hope this helps...

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  12. No, No, NO! Being scruffy for 'them' = being ally!

    Edited to add that leaping through flames used to be an integral part of Infantry Basic Training.
  13. And the guy doing the kicking really isn't going to get that knife embedded in his thigh is he ffs.

    Sent by semaphore whilst drinking cider.
  14. Hereford are the worst for it. If they 'didn't give a toss', they'd all be dressed in unmodified standard issue kit.
  15. Good effort lads......


    .....even action man dolls with swivelly eyes can't gay it up that much!