Whats this ear then?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Uncivil_Servant, Oct 11, 2007.

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    The inevitable jokes aside, how the feck is sewing an extra ear onto your arm art, FFS?
  2. Usefull to hold your hand up in a crowded room and hear conversations?
  3. He thinks it sets him apart from the common heard.

    Headdress/coat ... double awaaay!
  4. Silly sod should have had it grafted onto his forehead. Then he could have done the Star trek joke about the left ear, the right ear and the final frontier.

  5. Eh?! A man sews an ear to his arm and someone who was born with only one, finds it offensive. How is he offending her?
  6. I suppose it's no good him apologising- she couldn't hear it anyway.
  7. Pardon!
  8. what people do for 15 minutes of fame is shocking!
  9. I've always fancied having an eye on the end of my finger.
    I reckon it could come in very handy indeed... :wink: