What's this argument called?

Godwin's so-called "Law" only exists because Mike ******* Godwin wanted people to talk about Mike ******* Godwin because Mike ******* Godwin is a gobshite American lawyer who wanted his own page in Wikipedia and thought that creating a so-called "Law" based around his liberal penchant for calling anyone he didn't agree with a Nazi would be the ideal way to get one. Spoiler alert - he did.

No, I'm not linking to it, I don't want to give the chunder-headed cock-jangling shit-guzzling thundercunt any free clicks.

... This fence that I am currently perched on is giving me some really nasty splinters in my buttocks.
I assume that you don't like him.

PS. I have a spare pair of tweezers should you need them.


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Bugsy's law: At some point, he will post entirely in German.
Or relate one of his cheap cider-fuelled fantasies, throw a tantrum because everyone calls him a liar and storm off to beat his poor Italian wife in their urine-soaked, rat-infested hovel.
Also known as the Budgie With A Mirror Law, and possibly the closest we’ve yet come to a solution for perpetual motion.

The level of froth generated by @stacker1 pleases me...


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