Whats this are the MOD trying to smear someone else?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. Apparently an inquest today on the death of Staff Sergeant Olaf Smith claims that he rushed his work which is what caused an error that resulted in his death.
    Think there is anything in that because it flys in the face of his widows claim that he was worn out from not getting proper breaks from the frontline.
    Are the MOD just trying to excuse themselves again.
    The Press Association: Bomb disposal hero 'was impatient'

    Did'nt they try this before against a Royal Horse Artillery Officer Capt Jim Phillipson a couple of years ago

  2. Or it could be the testimony from those he was working with on that day? He was a very brave man, but that doesn't make him a perfect saint. If it hadn't ended the way it did, he (and those he worked with) would probably have passed it off as a "grumpy day"....
  3. Your probably right the tone in the article I picked seemed to be the words of a damning verdict.
    This one takes a more inclusive set of viewpoints
    Olaf Schmid appeared 'rushed and impatient' after family phone call in hours before death - Telegraph

    A bit of a knee jerk reaction from me there.
  4. The answer to the thread question is:


    The government might change, although has anyone noticed the difference so far? - but the civil servants don't change. The new ministers don't change either, whatever their party - all our politicians are corrupt from the moment that they are elected.

    Honesty, Integrity, Commitment. Loyalty, are but words without meaning for the rubbish and I mean RUBBISH that infests parliament today.

    Third rate and without a shred of honour or the understanding of the word honesty: our parliament. God help this country.
  5. So.. what're you saying? Come on now, off the fence!
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't see any attempt to smear SSgt S. If that was the intention then it backfired. The report on BBC BreAkfast was sympathetic to EOD and the way they are overstretched.

    I doubt if anyone fails to understand that if SSgt S cut corners it is far more damning on the people who put him in that situation than it is on him and I don't mean his immediate chain of command.

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  7. No, you are trying to stir the s**t,

    This was a great young man who died leaving a proud widow who displays impressive dignity.

    Nothing more to say that will make things better for anyone.
  8. Having given evidence to an inquest myself, I am sure the coroner will do his utmost to bring to light all available evidence concerning SSgt Schmidt.

    If it transpires that his death was in any way connected with personal overstretch due to a lack of equipment or personnel, the coroner will pull no punches in addressing this.
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Seems like 2 witnesses are saying he was rushed, preoccupied and impatient ahead of imminent R&R. Unless I missed something involving David Kelly and a penknife.
  10. As per normal you are talking absolute shite you utter prick.

    The information doesn't come from the MoD, it comes from those who were there that day.

    Not only were you not there, you know **** all about IEDD.

    It's a bloody shame we can't trade prize clowns like you for the good blokes who have been killed.
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I don't think you really thought that through, did you?
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    I'm just surprised he didn't manage to shoehorn in an irrelevant mention of the EU as well.
  13. In the usual morning madness I caught a brief snippet of the BBC this morning and there were two guys on there debating the bomb disposal tours being increased to 6 months instead of 4 months, both of whom seem to imply there is little 'downtime' for them which is having a deadly impact on those doing a very intense job.
  14. Assuming thats aimed at me Count then I'll go with the point Alfred made that the testimony was made by his collegues on the frontline.
    The use of the word impatient on the headlines was what caught my attention as that may been interpreted as a swipe at SSrgt Schmid.
    But the testimony from his comrades says no such thing nor would I expect them to.
    If by any chance the MOD do try and use this as an excuse to cover their own failings then I'm sure that Schmids comrades and widow will not let them get away with it.
    So as I've said before a pre emptive knee jerk reaction from me no need to look any further, MODS you might as well lock this and Hole it.
  15. A few facts:

    Oz didn't receive his GC for acts on that day.

    He'd operated for four months and at the time of his death was the most experienced operator in theatre having proven himself with numerous devices beforehand.

    IEDD is not an exact science, no two scenarios are the same. Every scenario has to be assessed as to its threat, regardless of any similarities indevices. Once assessed the operator takes appropriate EOD action.

    Oz was an extremely professional soldier, he would not have taken dangerous shortcuts. His actions may appear suspect in black and white, but then no one will ever know the information Oz had formulated his threat on. If he could answer now he would be able to justify his actions with ease.

    I know exactly what happened that day, ultimately what killed Oz would have caught other operators in the same situation. There by the grace of God go I.