Whats this? Any Tank Spotters in?

Isnt that the Armoured version of the Smash Aliens from the seventies?


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Troyanov super- heavy tank


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I think we're right, and so is predatorplus.

It is described in Kubinka as the Troyanov super heavy tank. "Objekt 279" isn't just a museum reference number, though. All prototype Soviet and Russian military vehicles are given an "Objekt" number for security reasons.

So it's both Objekt 279 and the Troyanov super heavy tank


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yeah just looked again at the list below the piccys your right 1/2 and 1/2


trooper142 said:
engee said:
Older_by_the_day said:
Sprut-SD Self propelled arty
Spot on for Sprut :thumright:

For a Super Spotter Badge and the chance to sitr at the front of the class and sharpen the rubbers - what's this one then?
exhaust down the side ???? 432????
Nope. That's a front view - exhaust on the right
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