Whats this? Any Tank Spotters in?

Engine at the front so to provide better crew protection, crewed by a 4 man team it boasts an 120mm smoothbore gun and 3 machine guns. Also fitted with nbc resistant inner vehicle overpressure, FLIR and TV. Replaced M60s of 1960s vintage.
Good call, I was merely referring however to your naming convention, which I notice you have subsequently amended.

With it being of french origin it could be friendly or hostile!


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Muttley said:
Biped, thats an M2 Bradley with 2 TOW launcher.
Yep, and friendly. Sorry about that, I just thought I'd put them all up rather than just the British, though I do agree that ours should have higher priority.

As for the Merkava - if it was Polish, would it be in desert cam?

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