Whats this, any plane spotters in?

OK, so a Hun-engined Spitfire then.
Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs!
So that's an ME109 with a Spitfire engine? What's the background on that particular frankenaircraft?

I know I know Google is your friend...
An attempt to fool the Allies if they tried to steal it for research purposes?

Something from the Miles stable perchance? M20?


I still breathe :-D
It is indeed the Miles M20, an infill fighter should Hurricane and Spitfire production be compromised, faster than the Hurricane, slower than the Spitfire, greater range than both with 12 Browning .303 and more ammo. Also modified for the fish 'eads as a convoy protection fighter with catapult and hook with jettisonable undercarriage for ditching.
Armouring would have been a piece of p*ss
Cheap Japanese suicide aircraft. nakajima something or other.If not, then it's the loser of the competition that gave birth to the Spitfire.

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Antique books shops are a great treasure chest of old aeroplane books these days it seems.
My latest find is a Plane Spotters Guide to Aircraft in 1940 & a mere £10.
For those that do not mind paying more a very good aviation bookshop near Tunbridge Wells BR Station.

My Aunt's partner is featured in the book The Meteor Boys.