"Whats this, any plane spotters in?"Thread geting cumbersome

If the original poster of this thread is not rolling around in millions he should be ashamed of hisself or herself.

I have never seen a thread gather so many fans, so many replies and so much attention.

Give the rest of us a break for crissake!! Life is hard for everybody.

Consider the case of this splendid young man who, while unaccustomed to the ways of the western world, finds hisself in a quandry:

" What was that?"

"I believe that was a UFO."

"Like your wife?"


""UFO. Unidentifiable Fecked Object."

"What the feck you say?"

"UFO motherfecker."

"Feck you calling a mofo?"

"You fool!"

"Ok. So I am a mofo.But your mom licked my sh.it last week!"

" Oh yeah? So what you gotta say about this s.hit?"

Pulls out a GENUINE Israeli Uzi and blasts him away.
Why start this in aviation you tool.

Short finals to the arrsehole
minister_doh_nut said:
Why start this in aviation you tool.

Short finals to the arrsehole
You, sir, are one of the biggest c.unts I have ever had the displeasure of fecking.
Seeings how this is arrsehole bound shortly, I feel it is apt to reply to DD.

Devil. You have actually reached the stage where you are as popular as Chubb.

I only used to think you were a cock.

Do you enjoy being pointless?
Burn the heretic with the exhaust of an E.E. Lightning.
The heretic has probably already died of old age.

Holy fucking thread resurrection Batman... Oh fuck, Batman has probably died of old too since this thread petered out in 2008.

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