Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by staaken, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. I've tried the Aviation forum, no joy. Maybe the Brains the Size of a Planet forum can answer it. And no "It's a Gerber" replies, thank you very much -The Lord Flashy has pulled that one - within seconds of me posting.
    OK, in the shower in Chez Leaky Shack in Sudan, this thing taps me a "good morning" on the foot. When I had recovered, stopped screaming and shaking, I managed to take this photo. I write this from the local psychiatric ward of a UN level 3 hostipal.
    It flies, appears to have a sting, and, looking at the main armament, can probably strangle, too.
    Sooo, what the fark is it?

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  2. Death manifested in somekind of evil insect thingamajigga?
  3. If there's a pile of them perhaps they might make a good stew.
  4. Some sort of tiger beetle, cicindelidae manticora.
  5. Is it a leatherman with some big bug beside it?
  6. my missus took one look at it and said "it's a whip scorpion, a scorpion without a tail" and then went back to cooking dinner.

    no idea if she's right or not, but she used to keep similar things for a job.
  7. dont htink it is a whip scorpion, legs are too short, and looks like its only got 4 legs.
  8. Beer goggles eh?

    Bet she looked a right pearler when you brought her home the night before.

    Hope you didn't give her your real number.
  9. And now she has you, aaah! :p
  10. It's possibly a aquatic Hydrocorisae. Or Giant Water Beetle. Sometimes known as a "Toe-biter".
  11. Beat me to it BA, was just about to post something similar. Ah well, great minds and all that!!! :wink:
  12. Its a Toe Biter....quite a nasty little bugger!. More info here:nasty
  13. It is a water scorpion (Genus Nepa of the Family Nepidae ) - The big brother of this guy:

    Water Scorpion

    Not bad considering these things used to grow over 3 feet long (Pterygotus anglicus).

    They can inflict a painful bite if handled incorrectly, but it is not as dangerous as a true scorpion sting. They can fly, but they rarely do. Were you near standing water or a damp area when you saw this? This would explain the bug being in your locality.

  14. {Dons wah cloak}-

    He was in the shower. Doesn't get much damper than that. :)

    {Wah cloak back in the box}