Whats the worst way to be executed?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chimpy., Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. The Ogrish fans should like this one, what would you say is the most horrible form of exectution? I've seen a few nasty ones on Ogrish. Stoning is pretty grim and beheading looks nasty done in the throat cut manner. I also saw a pic where some guy had his head in a vice and it was tightened until he died.

    But I would say the worst method of execution is either being boiled alive or skinned alive.
  2. Smothered by a crap post?
  3. Depends on how hight the pain factor was and how long it lasted. For example burning alive isn't that bad apparently (so says Simon Weston in his autobiography) as the fire melts the nerve endings and it becomes (relatively) painless. Not so sure I'd like to find out though!
  4. I think being beheaded has to be the grimmest. If you're being tortured then I imagine you'd pass out before you died.

    Is there any particular etiquette to being beheaded? Is it considered a faux pas to scream your head off or to even look at the camera?
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I think stoning to death has got to be the worst. There you are, tied to a post, or worse, half buried in the ground (with your knackers above) and some bright spark has put a horror bag on your head.

    After the first clump, you are thinking to yourself "bugger, that hurt a lot, where's the next one coming from?"
  6. Never been executed so can't really comment.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Pity :twisted:
  8. Hung, drawn and quartered has a certain je ne sai quoi.

    Perhaps we could compile a top 10 and then get a prime time tv slot and get viewers to vote for their favourite, on a premium line, whilst we put the cabinet through them? Blair gets the top rated.

    All procedes to Service charities.

    Everyone is a winner!
  9. From what I understood, alot of the beheadings we've seen recently have been performed after the poor unfortunate has been heavily drugged (although apparently not the case in the Daniel Perl murder, as he refused the offered drugs).

    Once they'd cut your wind pipe and associated veins, I don't think screaming would be possible. Sad end to an existance.
  10. Wench that animated pic in your sig mesmerises me. I've been watching it for ten minutes.
  11. The method that Muslims use to saw at the neck, slowly removing the head seems barabaric. What's wrong with the traditional single chop with an axe like in Medieval Europe?
  12. try going for a thousand paper cuts....
  13. I remember stories of the Vietcong hammering slivers of bamboo under the nails. Thats gotta hurt. Not likely to kill you but still nasty.
  14. the bit in saw 2 or three where that bird falls in with all the needles, not sure if it'd be enough pain to kill you though.
  15. Seconded.

    All those in favour??