whats the worst thing youve lost?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hallveg, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I know a bloke who lost a rifle! turns out the dozy fecker had left it in his car but didn't realise untill after he had phoned the police.

    me, it would have to be the use of my two littlest fingers on my right hand due to a bet that i could punch threw a glass thing.

    So come arrsers whats the worst thing you've lost and what was the outcome.
  2. My mobile phone.

    The outcome was the unexpected death of a lying taxi driver in Richmond (the real one).

    I had nothing to do with that. A big boy did it and ran away.
  3. I lost my virginity once, arse bled for days
  4. My haemorrhoids. I miss pushing them back in, it was a morning ritual.
  5. I can go a bit better than that. Conbat - with Landrover attached. :oops:
  6. My sanity.


  7. This was his own rifle and it was in his car he looked for it all day trashing the house and then doing the very very blokey thing, blaming the Mrs, then admitted defeat and went to hand himself in to the police for "bing a tit". then when he came out he looked in his boot and found it exactly were he left it, the daft arrse.
  8. ive lost my european insurance card and am going on me jollies is less that a week... oh dear
  9. It wasn't mine, I was driving it as a favour. Unfortunately, the 1033 was in my name.

    It lived in Sheffield, I last saw it at Otterburn and it was found in Leeds.
  10. How do you get insurance against Europeans?

  11. I think you'll find that you have to have insurance in order to own one.
  12. I once lost my Spice Girls album.

    That was a frustrating hour.
  13. Songs or pictures?

    I could understand you wanting to find the pictures...

  14. Should've used more lube. Lesson learned, eh?
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I took my Grandathers medal to school & had it stolen.Oh I knew who done it but I could'nt prove it.Needless to say Dad was'nt happy & I got a hiding for my stupidity!The one thing I regret to this day!