Whats the worst thing youve done in the NAAFI when drunk ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by .Dolly, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. My friend & I have heard about the antic thats you boys get up to when the drink is in and the wit is out ? So come on tonight is an Amnesty and lets have a bit of craic. I know a Para who when drunk would eat the 'kola cubes' out of a mens urinal infront of wimmin for a £5 bet. Complete animal but loveable rogue. OK fire away boys. We are sitting here with a wee Chardonay having a girlie evening.
  2. pay for a round
  3. I've seen the Blues and Jews do something much more disgusting than that. Anybody else remember that party piece?
  4. I heard they used to throw jam dognuts at each other whilst stood naked in drip trays.........but I guess thats not what your after.... :D
  5. Nope LOL - ask Les A******N if he's still around ;)
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Pretty tame,but I 'topped up' Jez's pint of Wobbly with a p*** shandy after a RAF Germany Armourers 'it's a knock out' piss up at RAF Bruggen in the 90's.
  7. offer the sqn 2 ice cream a blow job. soft twat turned it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. RCT set fire to the christmas tree in the naafi at lisburn one year - perhaps not the worst thing done in that particular naafi but certainly livened proceedings up.
  9. accidently put "letter from america" on a dukebox in a naafi full of sweatys ....that cost me a few crates of grolsch well it was that or being skullfcuked....great days..
  10. 17 Sport and Pastime Regt RCT NAAFI. Drank/ate a pint of someone elses puke, lumps and all, just to win a 20 squid bet. It was enough for a night out in southampton back in 86.

    And yes, I refilled it quickly..and some.
  11. I remember that - it started a trend :evil: :twisted:
  12. Worst thing I have done in the NAAFI when drunk has got to be the Fat Naafi bird and trust me I was very very very drunk.
  13. my mate thought it would be a great idea, cause it was the middle of winter, to pre-heat his hi-tec trails in the naafi microwave before we set off to downtown hameln. unfortunately they melted & ruined the microwave. 8O 8O

    cost him a couple of hundred deutchmarks to have the microwave replaced :) :)
  14. Drunk a pint, passed a nasal gastric tube on myself (tube up your nose into stomach), sucked the pint back up using a syringe & re-drank it till the particles in the pint made it to difficult to draw back up the tube :mrgreen: (about 6 or 7 times in all), its a medic thing!! plus a cheap night out.
  15. So, it would be possible to eliminate the syringe and glass ..... and put the "syringe end" of the tube in your mouth, to suck on, like a straw (in a loop)? Why I feel the need to ask this eludes me. :roll: